12 November 2013

I've Moved!

Hi everyone! I have a new blog now and I'd love for you to follow me there! Please visit me at www.danigrace.com.


See you on the flip side!

xo, Dani

01 December 2012

The Time My Blog Got Hacked

I spent months… months moving my blog over to Wordpress, redesigning it, working on CSS coding and getting everything to work just as I had envisioned. And then… I lost everything.

Thanks to Blogger, I was able to restore most of my entries and photos from prior to my move over to Wordpress. For that, I must say DEAR BLOGGER, I LOVE YOU SO!

I also don’t hate Wordpress. You see, Wordpress wasn’t the issue. I can tell you what I think the issue was, but that would be speculation. Either way, the whole thing was very disheartening and I’m very sad I lost a lot of hard work (and recent blog entries).

With that said, I will no longer be continuing Hard Corps Love. I will leave the blog online for a awhile, but eventually I will remove it from the interwebs. In its place, I have already been scheming up ideas for a new blog outlet for inspiration… and I’m bringing it back here to Blogger!

It’s where all my friends are, so it only makes sense.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments, shares, encouragement, and love over the past 3 years, dear readers!

19 September 2012

The Best Kind of Mail

I love getting goodies in the mail, don’t you? I’ve been saving up all these wonderful items I’ve purchased over the past 6 months to share with you here on the blog. I also love supporting small businesses, and most of these fun things are from small shops or companies.

Hubby & I just started taking a finance class (Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, whoo hoo!) and with that and the holidays right around the corner, I won’t be shopping much at all in the coming months. But at least I have my goodies to tide me over. So here… check ‘em out!

I adore these stamps I ordered from Elise Joy’s first pop-up stamp shop back in April. Perfect for Project Life, envelopes, whatever. And isn’t the way she packaged her stamps so cute? Love all the washi tape. I’ve been saving these stamps to use for my Project Life albums and I can’t wait to incorporate them now that I’ve been scrapbooking again. Elise just expanded her stamp line and has even more cute stamps in her new stamp shop!

Also in April, I purchased some washi tape on Etsy from PrettyTape (top) and WashiWishes (bottom). Perhaps Elise is part of the reason I recently became obsessed with washi tape! It’s just so darn versatile. I’ve used it in my planner to highlight events and in a couple scrapbook layouts. I totally designed the digital washi tape on my blog around the time I ordered these pretty rolls of tape. Oh, and again… the packing is just too cute!

This past May, I purchased this beautiful chevron set from Goodnight Moon on Etsy:

I met Amber from Goodnight Moon several months ago at the Milblogging conference in Arlington. I thought she looked familiar because it’s been a few years now that I’ve read her blog, but I didn’t know it was her for sure until I saw the adorable bag she carried with her. I recognized it from her shop. And after the conference, I selected a couple items for myself in my favorite color combo (red, white, and black). But Amber also sent an extra item she made, and I just adore it!

Let’s just discuss how pretty this packaging is from Capturing Couture. I love how they wrapped it up like a little present! I also love the camera strap I ordered. It is SO nice. I purchased the “Summer Biss” camera strap from the Bohemian Collection. It’s beautiful, such nice quality, and has a really comfortable strap. My camera needed a little pizazz, and this did the trick! I so recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Last but not least (and I will be totally devoting a separate post for this)… my Erin Condren Life Planner in viva espaƱa – mod floral. I ordered this back in July, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. Like, obsessed. So much so that it needs its own show-and-tell. I love that it’s customized with my name! And the EC customer service is excellent. But, again… the packaging is just swoon-worthy. Printed boxes? Color-coordinated stickers? This designers says: it’s to die for.

And yes, I love packaging. In fact, I was a packaging designer for a couple years at one point. I love the way things get wrapped, packaged, shipped, you name it. I also love mail. Mail is great, but pretty mail is even better. Something I try to keep in mind even when mailing out plain ol’ greeting cards.