30 March 2010

Hang On Tight

Everyday that goes by when I don't hear from him, I feel like I'm holding my breath. Then he calls after days of suffocating, and I can breathe again, even if just for a few hours. But the next day, it starts all over again...

Six days and counting with this deployment-imposed asthma.

I love you, Joshua.


  1. Perfect description. Although, last week my condition was more manic depressive. Sometimes it just feels like constant heart break... like a physical chest pain 24/7.... until the call of course. And oh, how glorious those calls are!! It makes it worth the pain.

  2. My Marine is my constant thought throughout my entire day! I wish he could hear my thoughts, when I say in my head..."call me, call me".

    It's the story of our deployment though:(

  3. I feel exactly the same way. I just found out my husband is coming home from Afghanistan on THURSDAY!!! I am soooo excited! My daughters and I made a yellow ribbon poster this afternoon. Cant wait! Hang in there...remember no news is good news! But I know how much it means to hear their voice...even if its only for a minute! You're doing great :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

    No, my Marine hasn't read any of my posts. I am planning on printing them off and putting them into a book once he gets home safe, so that he has a journal from me. He is suppose to be writing me a journal while he is gone too, but I don't think he gets much time to write in it:(

    But, I will keep this blog going, and use it as my USMC blog. I have a fab blogger friend designing me a new layout and header. I can't wait for it to be done! I hate the look of mine now..it's so BLECK!

    You will find alot of support through your blog. It is also a good way to release your feelings. Keep it up!

    Isn't that song PERFECT!

  5. Deployments SUCK!!! I dread hearing that my Spouse "won't be calling for a while"... It's the worst!

  6. :( oh girl, being apart from the one you love most is SO HARD.

    Try to stay busy!!! What hobbies do you enjoy???

    I LOVE your blog title :) and YES I will most definitely add you to my milsister blog list :D

    Thank You for stopping by my blog!!

    The Coastie and I have a little less than 50 days until we'll see each other again!


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