25 March 2010

Retail Therapy

Happy was I this morning around 1:30am to receive a call from my beloved; he sounded better than the last time we spoke, but I can tell that something is wrong. He couldn't tell me and can't write about it to me, but I think the constant patrols and combat he's been in are wearing on him. Either that, or it's just his asshole platoon sergeant, whose sole MOS is to make Joshua's life a living hell. My poor sweetheart. Either way, it was incredible to hear his voice... the call was dropped once but he was able to call again, and I did not want to let him go.

Then, after work this evening, I had my third letter waiting for me in my mailbox. We picked up the cutest USMC stationary before he left, and I self-addressed half of the envelopes in the set for him to send to me. At least this way, I know exactly what I'm looking for in the mail. I miss him.

So even though I have not yet given my space a spring cleaning or taken out my spring clothes and shoes, I did break out the Bare Escentuals yesterday morning. I've used BE for years, but this past winter I switched to Tarte makeup. Still natural/semi-organic, but liquid based instead of powder. It was a nice switch, but I really missed my BE!

I guess it's time to warn my dear blog readers of my shopping addiction. I'm really trying to get it under control, and I don't shop as much as I used to, especially now that I have the wedding to save for (yay!), but I did pick up a couple of things at the mall tonight before I met my cousin to see a movie. I...needed...a pick-me-up? (When will I stop using this as an excuse?!)

I also have a severe makeup addiction, which is also quite funny because Joshua hates when I wear makeup. He calls it "face paint." "Why are you putting that face paint on? Take it off!"

I added bareMinerals Multi-Tasking concealer in Summer Bisque and a new brush to my BE collection:
And then Too Faced eyeshadow in Blonde Ambition (...what can I say? I'm partial to blondes):
And I need to just note that under the lid on the Too Faced box, it says "Forget Wall St., invest in makeup!" Haha. It's a pretty shimmery gold color.

In between my shopping adventures, I saw Remember Me with my cousin, Amanda. All I can really say is... wow. I did not see this movie panning out the way it did. Just... wow. I'm not one to spoil movies, so... I do recommend it. But mainly because I want to talk to someone about it! Ahh! Wow. Oh, and I will say that although I was not a fan of Robert Pattinson in Twilight, he was fantastic in this movie. Really, I was so impressed! I think this role suited him much better. Then again... the only person I could imagine playing Edward is my Marine. C'mon... strong, sexy, deadly? Fits my man's description. ;)
I also love the actress, Emilie DeRaven. She was in my fave TV series, Roswell, forever back. 

The movie takes place in New York City, and it reminded me of the summer I lived there during college. I scored an awesome internship at a design agency in NYC between my junior and senior year... I worked on accounts like American Express, Nick Jr. Magazine, Travel & Leisure... it was incredible. But you know what? I hated the city. My city friends didn't understand it. Every weekend I escaped home to the mountains and the lake. Watching Remember Me made me wish I had fallen in love with New York like so many do, for all its imperfections... New York is loud. It truly never sleeps. It's dirty. It smells. But it is really beautiful, and I'm thankful for the experiences I had living there. At least I do appreciate it, even though I could never live there full-time. 

After the movie, I stopped at Barnes & Noble (another dangerous place for me) and picked up the following:


A wedding magazine and a craft business book, of course. Setting up for the future! These things are an investment! Right...?

I got notification that Joshua's boots shipped today... yay! I already received the foot care kit I ordered at the same time. Silly Army Navy store... they should have shipped them together to save shipping. Oh well.

Tomorrow is a new day! I'm slowly coming out of this week's mega-depression. Thank goodness.


  1. in some of your pictures you look like Uma thurman!

  2. Yes, I completely agree about Remember Me. I went to see it with Mike, my USMC boyfriend for my birthday and I thought the ending was erm... Very disrespectful. Mike is from the city you see, and I have family that lives in the City so we have a more personal connection then most to it.

  3. Cute blog! I'm partial to blondes too. haha... I always root for blonde athletes, like blonde actresses, etc..I think it comes with the territory of being a natural blonde. We gotta root for our own kind, right? haha.

    Yeah, Roo has some senior who like to make his life a little miserable too. My theory is that they do it to the really good marines.

    Glad you are getting out of the funk. I actually am too! Thank God! Whew... It was taking it's toll.

  4. I came across your blog today :) I am dying to see Remember Me. Oh and Barnes and Noble is one of my addictions :)
    Hope your weekend is going good!
    Feel free to stop by my blog and check it out!

  5. I loved Remember Me! Rob's performance was amazing!


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