28 March 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

So today, I *finally* got back into the scrapbook groove. I'm in week four of this deployment, and I seriously feel like every new day is harder than the first. Sigh. I haven't scrapbooked in a really long time, so I'm really happy I finally got back into it today, thanks to my cousin Amanda! I just needed a little kick in the butt to get started on Joshua's album... which I technically started 2 years ago when we met, but haven't done much with since. I need to catch up before he gets home!

Here is what I accomplished today:
My honey just around 2 years ago, I  believe...

And this is the album cover and first page that I started when we first met:
Too bad this didn't say "corps" instead of "core," huh?

This is my favorite picture of him. Ever! 

Obviously, I blurred out Joshua's name tape. So that's that! I'm going to try to dedicate Sundays to scrapbooking. I have all of high school scrapbooked, part of sophomore year of college, part of when I moved out to Cleveland, and now part of Joshua's album. I definitely have my work cut out for me! That's what, 7 years to catch up on? Damn, I'm getting old.

Felice came to visit this weekend, fun fun! Her boyfriend, Christian, is in Afghanistan with Joshua right now. We set the two of them up last summer and they've been lovebirds ever since. ;) Felice and I have been friends for 15 years! We met when we were 10 years old. You know how they say, every deployment you have a girlfriend that becomes your military "spouse"? That's Felice. She's my wifey... we had a nice weekend not doing much of anything, and tomorrow she's back to Jersey for nursing school and I'm back to the grind of another work week. Designing my life away.

This blog is fun! Comment if you stop by, pretty please! Have a great Monday, everyone...


  1. LOVE your scrapbook! I always want to do mine, but I'm so unorganized and it all just sits. I might try to get back into it though, thanks to your post!

  2. super cute scrapbook!! I wish I was into scrapbooking, it looks so fun! Question... is your scrapbook a digital thing on the computer or an actual book?

  3. Love what you did with the pictures. I stopped by from... not sure where I was before here. Haha

  4. Thanks gals!

    Annie, it's an actual scrapbook. I know I could get into digital scrapping if I had the desire, but since I'm a graphic designer and it's really the same thing, I just can't do it all day at work and then come home and sit on the computer some more! Taking a break to work with paper, scissors, glue, and stickers is soooo nice for a change!

  5. I love love scrapbooks! I have 3 albums I am working on. Your pages are awesome :) I have not tried digital scrapping. I like the oldfashion way :)

  6. i just recently started Josh's scrapbook too freaky blog twin! -K.

  7. I am a scrapbooker too! Love that you are getting it done and not going to be behind! yea for you! Keep up the good work, will be checking in on you. I am just a Navy mom, son just graduated bootcamp, so my fears have not been put on the line yet, but looking for others that I can pray for and their families, you will be added to my list!

  8. I have a scrapbook too. The front half is me here and the back is him while he's in afghanistan. I'm glad you found my blog and i've found yours very refreshing to know we al have some of the same thoughts and get aways.


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