01 April 2010

Epic Fail. Then Cake.

So I just spent the past hour typing up today's ♥ Wedding Wednesdays ♥ post, and I just lost everything. So much for auto-saving, huh Blogger? Sigh. I give up for the night. Wedding Wednesday will just have to be postponed until tomorrow. :(

Felice is back to visit from tonight until Friday... then she's off to spend Easter with Christian's parents (he's deployed with Joshua). Yesterday was my Mom's birthday, and I made her dinner and a cake. Herb roasted garlic chicken with rosemary and lemon, pesto smashed potatoes, and a mixed greens salad with homemade gorgonzola dressing. Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting as the encore... I wish I'd taken a photo! It was all pretty decent, if I do say so myself.

This weekend is a bridal show, Easter, and celebrating Dad's birthday. I'm making him a cake, too. I'm taking a Wilton cake decorating class every Wednesday night. Tonight was Course 3, Class 1. We practiced some fun things with buttercream icing, and next week we move into fondant! Fun fun. Here are some of the cakes I made in Course 1... I still have to make the one and only cake from Course 2, as well as the final cake from Course 1. I missed that class because I was in North Carolina when Joshua deployed. Ohhh well.

Course 1, Cake 1
(I brought it into work for my co-workers to enjoy!)

Course 1, Cake 2
(Also brought this one into work!)

Course 2, Cake 4 flowers
(These go on the final cake for the course that I have to make up.)

They kind of suck, but I'm learning! I'll never be a pastry chef and I don't want to be... but at least I can make some cute birthday cakes for my future children! :)

Back to the grind again tomorrow... must be up for work in six hours and I still have to write out my Easter cards! I never catch a break, I swear. Maybe I'll be able to catch up on some sleep this weekend, too. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous!


  1. Your cakes came out awesome! My hand is never steady enough to even FROST a cake!

  2. those are super cute!! I've only made one decent cake in my life and it still looked pretty bad. haha. yeah, Your flowers are really good too! way to go!

  3. I think they look great! Have a great weekend!


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