15 April 2010

Little Joys in Life

Maybe it's the designer in me, but I was overwhelmingly excited while shopping in the dollar section of Michaels recently and finding a matching ampersand for my j & d letters! Last month when I visited Genna in Maryland, I came across the cutest little "j" and "d" leather letter bookends. I've already packed them away because I'm going to use them as decor in Joshua and my first home together. The Michaels in Maryland didn't have an ampersand, and truth be told I didn't even know one existed until I found this beauty! Yay. Anything j & d makes me a happy girl!

Last weekend I went down to Jersey for a girls weekend with my fellow USMC gals Felice and Genna. I've written about them before... Genna lives in Maryland and her fiancé is with Joshua in Afghanistan, and Felice lives in New Jersey and her boyfriend is also with Joshua in Afghanistan. What's funny is that my love and I had originally set Genna's fiancé up with another friend of mine (which clearly did not work out), and we also set Felice up with Christian (which definitely did work out)!

Anyway, we had a grand ol' time shopping for care packages— I will be decorating and sending mine out this weekend— and making more cakes in a jar! This time around, they turned out much nicer. Genna found out it was because the curved mason jars we used last time weren't the right kind, and we also filled them too high. This time, the cakes were pretty much perfect! I'll take photos of mine when I pack them up to send. In the meantime, however...

We had some delish cupcakes while we were baking. Yum yum! This was pre-diet, obviously. Haha. Oh, and Genna made the coolest blanket she brought to sleep with:

How cool is that? I just love it! What great fabric, it's soft and just so nice! We were definitely supporting our men allllll weekend... 

It's seriously pathetic how much USMC clothing I own since meeting Joshua. This shirt says "I have one of the few good men." I keep a section of my closest just for my Marine T-shirts and bottoms. Oh, but it doesn't stop there. I also have a water bottle, umbrella, key chain, teddy bear, car stickers, dog tags, EGA necklace, I can't even think of everything. And you know what else? I LOVE wearing/using these things. Somehow, some way, they make me feel closer to Joshua! He absolutely bans me from wearing anything Marine themed when I'm with him or on base, which I respect. It took me a while to convince him that I wanted these things to feel closer and support him, not to "advertise" him, as he saw it. So I just wear it on the weekends or to bed at night.

All in all, it was a fun and productive weekend with my girls! The weekend prior was Easter, at which my aunt made a delicious feast for my uncle, father, and myself...

Seriously, her twice-baked potatoes were out of this world. After dinner with the adults, my cousins came over to visit and play family games. Amanda and I wore new dresses for the holiday. It's fun to have a reason to dress up on the weekends!

Amanda is a bridesmaid in my wedding... my only local bridesmaid, since my best friends live up and down the east coast. They're all busy, full-time working professionals like myself! Oh, the joys of earning a living. ;-)

Keep commenting... it makes my day so much brighter! I'm off to return blog comments and say hello to new friends. 


  1. Cute dress!! And yes, I'm a USMC junkie too. I sleep with a camo blanket at night, and usually wear an old shirt of Roos that says "pain is weakness leaving the body." lol.

    and your easter feast looks delish!! Twice baked potatoes are awesome!

    Here's to another day down! *cheers*

  2. 2 things. I'm a tiny bit jealous of your creativity and want to steal all of your ideas. Also, I was wondering what you thought of WW?

    OH, and I love your Easter dress, you looked gorgeous!

  3. I love that blanket! Danny's mom made one for me, same pattern but much different blanket. And I agree, I love initials..we have little N&D's all over the house. I don't even think people notice them haha

  4. Love that blanket! Thanks for visiting me. I'm your newest follower and can't wait to read more!

  5. Where did your friend find the felt? I love that blanket! And I totally agree with you on the USMC gear. Mike thinks I look like a Moto when I wear it, but he doesn't understand it just reminds me of him. I am proud of my Marine. I'm glad you had a fun weekend! And all the pictures look beautiful =)

  6. My husband felt the same way about me wearing Army stuff while he was around. Its great that you have girls to turn to that know what you are going through while your man is gone.

  7. Oooh! Any chance you could share the "cakes in a jar" recipe? Sadly I think hubs will be deployed for our 1yr wedding anniversary and it would be fun to send him a mini-cake =)

    I made one of those blankets too! It's my absolute favorite, so soft.

    Haha... my hubby was the same way about the "moto" clothing/etc. Until I became a consultant for a military spouse company. We sell awesome clothing, purses, candles, and more! So I technically "do it for my job."

  8. Allissa, this is my first week on WW and so far, its a little tough! I know from experience doing the program before this that the first few days are usually hardest because it takes my body awhile to get used to eating less food. I've just always "fallen off the wagon" before and this time, I'm following it thru to the end!

    EMBrooks, I think she got the fabric at Michaels but I'll check with her to see... I know, I want it too!

    Tay, I will absolutely post the recipe for the cakes in a jar this weekend! I'll even post step-by-step photos to help! :-Ý

  9. Oh my those twice baked potatoes look wonderful!

  10. Those letters are so cute! I bought a A, &, and an L a while ago that were made out of cardboard and I covered them in scrapbook paper and actually used them at our wedding reception on the table where the guestbook was. And now they decorate our hall shelf :)

  11. What a neat blanket! And all that food looks so yummy :)

  12. Hey love. Just wanted to let you know I've been reading the blog and miss you like crazy. Can't wait to see you in two weeks and get filled in on all this in person. <3Nik

  13. just found your blog, so fun. and i love the name! very cute :)


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