13 April 2010

Living Out Loud

So. Eight hours of work, one peanut butter chocolate ice cream cone, a trip to the grocery store and weigh-in at a local WW meeting, Giada's Cheesy Baked Tortellini, and three cups of royal icing LATER, and I'm finally able to sit at my laptop and just... chill.

Phew! What a day. Some days, I just *wish* for five minutes to be bored.

The breakdown:
Work— okay this week. Our corporate office is moving to a new location downtown, so we've been packing, archiving files, burning backup CDs, and organizing all week. I set an out-of-office reply to let everyone know that I wouldn't be by my desk, but to call with emergencies. So far, there have been no emergencies in the world of food packaging design land. Oh, and we get to wear jeans to work this week... I love dress down days.

Ice Cream— was after lunch, when my awesome boss took my co-worker and I for a last treat before we move. It was delish.

Grocery Store— for the third time within the past week. I'm finally getting back into cooking and trying new recipes, but I've needed to stock up my kitchen a bit. Lots of FRESH foods lately, yum yum. The first trip was at Target when I was care package shopping for Joshua last weekend, the second was on my way home from visiting the girls when I saw a Trader Joe's and flipped out (I shopped there when I lived in Boston and Cleveland!), and today's trip was to get ingredients for two new recipes I'm trying this week.

WW— I have aspirations of being a kick-ass, buff bride... but I love food way too much. So I joined Weight Watchers today to help me along. I NEED to reach my goal weight for our wedding day... and preferably before Joshua returns from Afghanistan. My family and friends have done WW before and had success, and this time around I'm hoping I do, too! It's part of the new me... eating smarter and working hard at the gym.

Tortellini— Mmm. Felice has made this dish for me twice. It's soooo wonderful. I figured I'd make it tonight as a last hurrah before I begin counting my points and getting in shape. Very worth it!

Royal Icing— I have my Wilton cake class tomorrow night, and the lesson calls for one recipe of royal icing divided into five different colors. We're learning to make new flowers tomorrow, rah!

Speaking of cakes...

The first is the birthday cake I made my dad on Easter. The second is my cake from last week's class on fondant. That stuff is FUN to work with!

Jesus. It's already 11pm and I haven't even written about last weekend, Easter weekend, or the fun blog award I was given. I suppose that will all have to come tomorrow, eh? I haven't slept in three weeks so I'm going to try to get to bed a bit early tonight. Apparently deployment also causes insomnia?

Sweet dreams, blog friends. 


  1. Good luck with WW. I love food way too much to stick to a program! But I have a Slim Fast bar every morning to help even it out lol

  2. I have an award for you on my page!

  3. Best of luck with losing weight!

  4. Love your adorable blogs!! Yes, I journal my hand off before sleep just so I can get all the crazies out of my head before I go to sleep (so I can sleep!) Hang in there chica!! You can do it! (said like the cajun man on "The Waterboy :)

  5. Hi! I'm a new follower!! My fiance is a Marine stationed at Lejeune!

    Looking forward to reading more!

    @ sempergumby.blogspot.com

  6. How are the Wilton classes? I am self taught with cakes. I read tips and techniques online but I have considered taking a class. I love working with fondant but I am not fond of the taste, I prefer buttercream :)


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