26 April 2010

It's 2am, I Must Be Lonely

Oh yeah. It's definitely past 2am and I am still awake and here online. I definitely did not complete my to-do list, nor did I scrapbook today. But at least I cleaned & organized a bit, visited with my cousin Amanda, watched Army Wives, and started a new book. Moving forward, more than just going through the motions. Today is a new day and I have a cute outfit laid out for work and a backpack with sneakers and gym clothes so I go right after I get off at 5pm. I think the morning routine burns me out too quickly, so this week I'm going to give this a go. There is a 6:30pm yoga class I'm considering trying.

Tomorrow I'll at least come by to post the two blog awards I was given recently (you all are just too sweet and complimentary!) and possibly to post an (Observed) Scrapbook Sunday? I'm slacking since I didn't scrapbook last Sunday, either. At least I have LOTS and lots of wedding updates for the new few Wednesdays! Everything in between is just, well... what it is. I'll try to post more regularly. It really does help when my Blackberry buzzes because my lovely new blog friends (and the few in real life who read) post comments on my posts and they go to my inbox. It's like Christmas, really. :)


  1. Hey Dani. When you run out of books you should check out the "Uncommon Heroes" series from Dee Henderson. I loved reading them while my husband was deployed. Hang in there with the deployment and the lack of communication. As we all say, "no news is good news".

  2. Army wives, scarpbooking...you are a girl after my own heart!

  3. Merry Christmas!! LOL... yeah, I get excited from comments too! And seriously! You go girl! Conquer the day! I did my morning routine, and I'm getting ready to kick this day's tail!

  4. I was up till 3!!! dang..we should've talked online or something!!!

    Tell us how the yoga goes :) that sounds like a great idea :)

  5. i love your blog it makes me so relieved to read other girls stuggles and triumphs as well!


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