14 April 2010

Pure Sunshine

I haven't been blogging very long (not even a month yet!), but this past week I was given the "Sunshine Award" from 3 different bloggers:

Laura at Diamonds & Dog Tags
A Marine's Wife! at Flip Flops and Combat Boots
Mrs. Ma'am at My Life As A Air Force Wife

These are all gals I've never met before I started this blog, and I just want to say THANK YOU so much for actually reading and liking enough to say so! Seriously, so far having a blog has been the greatest thing I've done since Joshua deployed. It's held me accountable for scrapbooking (I'm finally getting back into after several years away), wedding planning (it forces me to sit down and collect my thoughts and ideas for the wedding!) and hopefully too, getting in shape for my wedding next year.

So the deal with this award is that I must pass it onto 12 bloggers that inspire others through their positive attitudes and creativeness.

Since I'm still the new kid on the block, I'm going to take my time with this award and post my 12 bloggers in a few weeks after I make more friends and can better pass it along. So there's that. Thanks again, ladies!

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