12 April 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

I wasn't able to post my scrapbook page last night because I inked the edges of the paper and they weren't dry enough to scan, but I just got home from work, so here I go!

I scrapbooked during Army Wives last night... season premiere, yay! These photos are from April of 2008, when Joshua and I met halfway in Ocean City, Maryland for a weekend of fun with some of Joshua's USMC friends! We stayed with his friend Codey at his family's condo. The guys all wanted to go to the VFW bar... this was my first time to one and I thought it was so strange! We were the youngest people there, but the guys loved it. Crazy Marines.

I'll be back soon to post another blog about my awesome weekend and other happenings of late. I also won a blog award... not sure what exactly that means, but it seems pretty cool! I'll share that in a bit, too.

If you stop by, leave a comment! I love how fun this has become. Oh, and leave me the link to your blog, too! Some gals have started following or left a comment or two and I can't link back to their pages to say hey! Okay. Off to tackle the night's to-do list and make some dinner.


  1. Gorgeous page! I wish I was more creative with mine. I used to live an hour away from Ocean City in Maryland. It's a nice place. Oh and my link: http://usmcgirlfriend03-17.blogspot.com/

  2. You are a great blogger :) I enjoy your blogs! cute scrapbook page!

  3. That looks great! I wish I had more patience for scrap booking. I'm not that creative.

  4. Just started following you recently...your blog is ADORABLE, as well as your scrap book page! :D

  5. Your scrapbooking is awesome. I WISH i was creative like you. I recently started crapboxing. I love it!

  6. Now, that is an awesome scrapbook page! I am jealous. I wish mine came out half as good as that. I just need more time :) Great work! I love the colors, and of course the pictures are magnificent!


  7. I love the page! I seriously need to get out my books. Seeing your work makes me want to do mine :)


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