25 April 2010

Yo quiero Joshua ♥

Sunday Sunday, and so much to do. So I was pretty much a useless blob last week outside the hours of 8am-5pm, and my silly paranoia/depression carried out until Thursday evening. I still haven't heard from my beloved (16 days and counting), but I know he's out there in the desert doing his job, being the amazing Marine that he is. Thursday after work, I went out for a drink to celebrate a co-worker's promotion, which I think finally broke me out of the icy cold freeze-shell I'd imposed last weekend. I believe what triggered it was the injury of a close friend of mine and Joshua's... I write about his fiancée Genna often, his name is Codey. He was hit with an IED last Saturday morning (which I obviously couldn't write about so soon after) and it just completely threw me off... it just hit SO close to home. This is Codey! I've stayed at his house! I'm friends with his parents! How could this happen? As Genna said, he's alive... that's what matters most right now. She's handling everything so much better than I ever think I'd be able to, and I'm so proud of her for being so strong. I love you, Genna!

I shall write about the rest of my week/weekend and other things later today. For now, it's time to conquer my Sunday to-do list now that I've finally found a bit of motivation again. Where it came from? Just continually moving forward. Making wedding plans, going through the motions, eventually taking a deep breath and realizing that the circumstances Joshua and Codey are in are beyond my control. But until I post again, these are the photos of the "Cinco de Mayo" // Mexican // Spicy Hot care package I sent Joshua last week. Maybe they'll inspire some of my gals going through the same thing.

Credit goes to my love Felice for coming up with the Cinco de Mayo theme, and to Genna for coming up with the makeshift burritos to send! And don't mind the photos... he's always bugging me to send more photos of myself and less of the two of us together. Hey, whatever I can do to make this deployment suck a little less, I'm on it!

Box flap 1
The whole box!
Box flap 2
Box flap 3
Box flap 4
All contents, courtesy of Target and Trader Joe's!
Genna's idea to send burritos to the boys... includes tortillas, chicken, salsa, cheese, and hot sauce!
I love greeting cards!


  1. Yeah see right there that care package is the exact reason Tony is no allowed to see the creative care packages other women have created. THAT is adorable. Tony was lucky if he got a sticker. L O L

  2. omg i'm loving that package..send an extra one to me! :)

  3. Holy cow... your care package is freakin' AMAZING!

  4. i love it! you're so creative!

  5. LOVE the box!! So happy to read you blog! Yeah, I realizd the same thing this weekend... this war is beyond my control.... and moving forward! wow... i was not a contributing member to society this past week.

    Here to a new happy week! And many, many more to come!

  6. Your care package wins. AMAZING. And I saw May 1st you're up in NJ, which is just a nice coincidence since that is where and when I am getting married! I am seeing it everywhere!!!

    But seriously, amazing care package!

  7. Great care package! When Mike goes on deployment I hope you don't mind if I steal the ideas!

  8. Love your blog!! Just catching up on old posts and this care package is absolutely amazing!!! I LOVE how you decorated the box! My poor hubs gets a bunch of random stuff and a little note (when I don't forget to put it in the box before I tape it shut haha)! So happy for you that he's home now!


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