20 May 2010

Southern Bound

Just wanted to update quickly to tell my blog friends that on Tuesday night, I got a call for a job interview in Beaufort, NC that is TOMORROW! I've spent the last two nights updating my resume and portfolio like a mad woman (I SO was not ready for this), and I'm headed out right now to drive down to NC overnight! My mom is accompanying me for the drive and we have a lovely hotel reserved in Emerald Isle... one of Joshua and my favorite places. I haven't talked to him in over a week and haven't told him about it yet, but he knew I applied. Wish me luck! I'm a little skeptical about the position (50% marketing/sales, and only 20% design work) but it'll be good experience and it's one step closer to my goal of moving south when Joshua returns from Afghanistan. Rah!

17 May 2010

Dear Deployment,

YOU SUCK! Stop keeping my beloved away from the satellite phone, and stop killing our friends. Five lives from Joshua's unit in a nine week period is plenty enough for us all. I hate this!

Topics to add my list of what I.O.U. in my next "real" blog post (whenever I actually have the time to sit down and write!):
  • Marine Week Boston & the 5K
  • Softball team I joined & how much I suck
  • My 25th birthday & my awesome family/friends
  • Mother's Day & visiting Grandma Belle
  • Phone call from Joshua!!!!!
  • Retail therapy with my birthday monies
  • Jamie's bridal shower! 
Yes yes yes, much to discuss. I've just been so busy. It's insane, it really is. Life just moves so quickly. At least it's helping this deployment pass by. Some days I even feel like I'm running out of time before Joshua comes home, because my to-do lists are so long and never-ending, and I get scared I won't be able to get everything done in time. Other days... they drag. If I don't stop moving though, I cry. I can't help it. If I don't surround myself with positive people either, I get depressed. No toxic people allowed in my life! I have to stay focused. Busy. Driven.

P.S. Thank you to Bryce&Whit at Army Wife for this great award!

And to Allissa at Hope Floats and Ines at The Few, The Proud, The Wife for this sweet award!

You girls are nuts for awarding me when I've been such a bad blogger the past two weeks, but I do appreciate it nonetheless! Honestly, it's 2:30am and I have to be up for work in 4 hours, so I'm not going to tag other bloggers this time... I'm still going through the blogs from the first military spouse blog hop, omg! Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on everything soon.

I'll make a new to-do list for the week and post it here! Goodnight for now.

06 May 2010

A Little Off Schedule

So much to talk about, as usual. I seriously don't think I ever talked this much until I started blogging. I've been very busy since my post last Wednesday and have lots to catch up on! Today was quite the day though, so I'm exhausted (gasp—a break in the insomnia?) and about to get to bed.

So I'll take a raincheck and leave you with this list of what I.O.U.:

  • Wedding Wednesday post
  • Scrapbook Sunday post
  • Re-cap of this past weekend in Jersey
  • Engagement photos I took for my girl Nikki!
  • Rant & rave about my new office situation at work
  • Comments and visits to the new friends that found me on the Military Blog Hop
  • Plans for this weekend's Marine Week Boston!
  • Latest care package to Joshua

Before I get to bed, I must share my latest retail therapy:

Yes, that's right, it's a Pandora cupcake! I adore cupcakes. It's my 25th birthday gift to myself. My birthday is on Monday, the day after Mother's Day. I was given a Pandora charm bracelet when I graduated college in 2007, with two charms on it. I've worn it all this time without ever getting another charm until Valentine's Day, when I bought myself a pretty heart charm. So now I have four charms... if I have to continue buying them for myself, so be it!

My other three charms:

A graduation cap, a four-leaf clover, and the hearts. I really wish my Mom would want a Pandora bracelet... it would make shopping for her so easy. Or if only my family remembered I had one so they could add to it... oh well. In the meantime, I love my cupcake!

05 May 2010

Marine Wife Rant

Okay, it isn't common for me to write a bitchy post like this, but I am just SO peeved. The Marine wives in Joshua's unit are ridiculous. So one of them posts an OPSEC violation in her Facebook status, and I kindly remind her we can't post things like that. And by kindly, I mean... as sweetly as possible—just giving her a "heads up" that what she wrote might possibly be too much information. So she gets snippy with me after a few messages back and forth, then un-friends me! Ugh. Excuse me for looking out for MY Marine! Seriously? Since when is it okay to post as a Facebook status saying, "We can't wait for your return home in month/month"? And she tried to justify it by saying, "That's why I just posted the month, not a specific day." Seriously! I understand that maybe in some far-away land where Marines haven't already been NJP'd for their gossipy wives... this might be okay. But no! Not in THIS unit! They've already threatened to take away the minimal communication we have now, and even to shut down the Facebook group for the unit's wives. I know how annoying some girls can seem when they're constantly posting not to violate OPSEC, and I am by no means one of those girls. This is the first time I've ever commented on someone's obviously inappropriate declaration to the Facebook world... in a private message, nonetheless! Bitches!

//end rant.

Now on to more useful writings.

P.S. Everyone has to learn it at some point: OPSEC. Learn it. Live it. Whatever your branch is. And take down bitches who keep causing problems! Ha.