06 May 2010

A Little Off Schedule

So much to talk about, as usual. I seriously don't think I ever talked this much until I started blogging. I've been very busy since my post last Wednesday and have lots to catch up on! Today was quite the day though, so I'm exhausted (gasp—a break in the insomnia?) and about to get to bed.

So I'll take a raincheck and leave you with this list of what I.O.U.:

  • Wedding Wednesday post
  • Scrapbook Sunday post
  • Re-cap of this past weekend in Jersey
  • Engagement photos I took for my girl Nikki!
  • Rant & rave about my new office situation at work
  • Comments and visits to the new friends that found me on the Military Blog Hop
  • Plans for this weekend's Marine Week Boston!
  • Latest care package to Joshua

Before I get to bed, I must share my latest retail therapy:

Yes, that's right, it's a Pandora cupcake! I adore cupcakes. It's my 25th birthday gift to myself. My birthday is on Monday, the day after Mother's Day. I was given a Pandora charm bracelet when I graduated college in 2007, with two charms on it. I've worn it all this time without ever getting another charm until Valentine's Day, when I bought myself a pretty heart charm. So now I have four charms... if I have to continue buying them for myself, so be it!

My other three charms:

A graduation cap, a four-leaf clover, and the hearts. I really wish my Mom would want a Pandora bracelet... it would make shopping for her so easy. Or if only my family remembered I had one so they could add to it... oh well. In the meantime, I love my cupcake!


  1. Oh man lady... that's a lot of stuff! Cute little cupcake =)

  2. that's adorable!!! Makes me want one. The big thing where I live is "David Yurman" jewlery... gorgeous!

  3. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog from the blog hop. The name of your blog is clever and super cute. Love it. Also, I'm a big fan of Pandora!

  4. I love Pandora! You should just start your Mom a bracelet and see where it goes from there. Beware - wearing the bracelet day in and day out, without taking it off, for six years may cause the latch to break. Eeek! I lost an angel and spacer that way.

  5. I love your charms they are so cute!!! Go check out my blog I gave you an award!!!

  6. i left you something on my blog! :)

  7. We've both been so busy lately, but thankfully we've been able to spend a lot of our busy time together!!
    btw... I thought now was my "calm down" time, well NO! I still feel like I'm running around a million miles a minute!

  8. ps. i left you a surprise on my blog :)


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