05 May 2010

Marine Wife Rant

Okay, it isn't common for me to write a bitchy post like this, but I am just SO peeved. The Marine wives in Joshua's unit are ridiculous. So one of them posts an OPSEC violation in her Facebook status, and I kindly remind her we can't post things like that. And by kindly, I mean... as sweetly as possible—just giving her a "heads up" that what she wrote might possibly be too much information. So she gets snippy with me after a few messages back and forth, then un-friends me! Ugh. Excuse me for looking out for MY Marine! Seriously? Since when is it okay to post as a Facebook status saying, "We can't wait for your return home in month/month"? And she tried to justify it by saying, "That's why I just posted the month, not a specific day." Seriously! I understand that maybe in some far-away land where Marines haven't already been NJP'd for their gossipy wives... this might be okay. But no! Not in THIS unit! They've already threatened to take away the minimal communication we have now, and even to shut down the Facebook group for the unit's wives. I know how annoying some girls can seem when they're constantly posting not to violate OPSEC, and I am by no means one of those girls. This is the first time I've ever commented on someone's obviously inappropriate declaration to the Facebook world... in a private message, nonetheless! Bitches!

//end rant.

Now on to more useful writings.

P.S. Everyone has to learn it at some point: OPSEC. Learn it. Live it. Whatever your branch is. And take down bitches who keep causing problems! Ha.


  1. I don't blame you for being upset. It's stuff like that that can cause problems. I think you were fully justified in saying something now. I wouldn't worry about her un-friending you.

  2. I get upset over that all the day. And when I say something in the nicest possible way it gets turned around that I'm being a bitch. Even though it's not my husband over there, it still bugs the sh*t out of me!

  3. LOL!! You get em girl!!! I did the same thing not too long ago!! I'm about to pour some TN fire all over some of these women!!!

  4. Annie you crack me up!

    Dani, I totally agree with you, I have had some of the same issues, and I dont really care if Im a bitch about it, I was being a bitch about it even after my marine was sent home, becasue bottom line those guidelines are there for a reason. And it puts everyone at risk better safe than sorry. Personally I dont think we should be allowed to post anything, not even that they are gone, but thats just me. I think because we are so far removed from the war we get too comfortable and think that our little bit of informatin wont mean anything, but the enemy is smart and anyone who thinks they dont look on facebook is a fool! If they can get top secret government/militart information, they can certaintly hack facebook.

  5. Good for you for standing up for what's right.

  6. Wooohoo! At least you sent her a private message... de friending you, that's just ridiculous ha!

  7. Good for you!! Anyway, you can call your (his unit's) FRO and the command will take care of that. They wouldn't talk to her but they sure as heck would talk to her Marine and you know that would make for one grumpy Marine who won't open his mouth to tell his wifey anything...

    Loose lips sink ships. (say that 3 times fast, lol)


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