30 June 2010

Wedding Wednesday #7

Today's topic? Wedding hair! I want to wear my hair in a long side ponytail for my wedding. I think it'll be the best of both worlds... on one side, my hair will be off my face and swept away; on the other, long and loose curls down the side! I've been growing my hair out since Joshua proposed, and I have awhile yet to go before it reaches this length that I want. Inspiration? See here:

I spent the weekend cleaning and organizing my boxes of belongings in the basement in preparation for my Big Risk move to North Carolina in a few months. While I was down there getting rid of things, my mom found this clip-on hair piece we bought several years ago at one of those little kiosks in the mall. Note: I think fake hair is weird, but back in the day I thought it was kind of cool. This was also during the phase when I dyed my hair dark brown during art school, so my hairpiece was dark brunette and my mom's was blonde.

WELL, the blonde hairpiece just so happened to be the perfect style to clip on to see how I want my hair for my wedding! I'm all about the side ponytail. So now all my hair has to do is grow out to this length, and I'll be set! Here are the pics from my cell phone photo session when Amanda and I were playing with our hair in the bathroom on Sunday. :-)

Haha. Good times! More wedding fun next week.

P.S. From now on, I'm going to put a little watermark type thing of my personal logo on any photos I post. I know I for one am guilty of swiping images off the internet if I like them, and usually afterwards I'm like... "Where did I get that from again?" So... this is for accountability and trackability— which isn't a word, but still. 

23 June 2010

Sugar Doll Award

Thank you to Katie at Beautiful Mess for The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award! I received three blog awards recently, but I'm going to post them one at a time so I can take the time to award my fellow bloggers. So this one asks that I post 10 things about myself and then pass the award onto 10 people. Here we go!

  1. I had the perfect childhood... it had everything but the white picket fence. My friends called us a "sitcom" family because we had the mom, the dad, the daughter, the son, and the little white dog.
  2. My parents separated a year and a half ago, and it's one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through. I saw a therapist and she helped. Her name was Lucy.
  3. Right before my parents separated, my dad's brother left his wife and my mom's brother left his wife... then my dad's brother got together with my mom's brother's ex-wife. So all my aunts and uncles are still the same... talk about awkward!
  4. I've moved more times than I can remember off the top of my head.
  5. I'll try to remember all of the places I've moved, yeah? Location A in Upstate NY for one year; Langhorne, PA for 2 years; Prospect, CT for 2 years; Location B in Upstate NY for 3 years; Location C in Upstate NY for 2 years; Sparta, NJ for 10+ years... then we move into the college years. Boston, MA for 1 year (moved twice between dorms); Albany, NY for 3 years (moved into a different off-campus apartment all three years); New York City, NY for 3 months; Cleveland, OH for 6 months; Location D in Upstate NY for 1 year; Location E in Upstate NY for the past year.
  6. "Location E" is home with my Mom... my apartment lease was up right around the time my parents separated and Joshua and I got engaged. I moved home to save money for our wedding, and to be here for my mama.
  7. I love my job— I'm a packaging designer for a supermarket chain and it's oh so fun.
  8. I'm about to take one of the biggest risks of my life. You will hear more about this in the months to come. It involves another big move.
  9. I have a lot of ideas as to how to turn my degree and interests into a "portable career" as a military wife... I'm working on them currently and reading lots of books about business.
  10. As I write this, I'm watching the cast of Eclipse on Jimmy Kimmel and I'm getting soooo excited for the premiere next week! My co-workers pre-ordered our tickets for the midnight show on the 29th.... eeeee!

I'm passing this award onto the past 10 bloggers who have left me comments, because I think you're all sugar dolls for leaving me comments even though I owe them back to all of you! I promise to catch up with that soon. Thanks for being so awesome!

  1. Carmen at We See the Same Stars
  2. Lindsey &Co at A day in the life of a Marine Corps wife...
  3. Jordan at Writing Letters in My Scrubs
  4. A Marine's Wife! at Flip Flops and Combat Boots
  5. Annie at Simplify
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  10. Sarah at Adventures in Life

I'll be by soon to leave comments!

Wedding Wednesday #6

Happy Wedding Wednesday! So last week I posted the awesome peacock idea that I'm NOT doing because of the boat colors and the time of year. This week, I'm posting the inspiration I found for the colors I AM using: NAVY & YELLOW!

I love these colors. They not only match the navy and yellow/gold in the dress blues, but they coordinate nicely with the colors on the boat we're getting married on. And my friends know that with me, it all has to match. Navy and yellow is also just the perfect touch of "nautical" without going too overboard... literally! Bwahaha.

Dear bridesmaids— You will be wearing navy dresses with yellow sashes. I will email photos of the dresses Felice tried on later this week. Yay colors!

22 June 2010

P90X Lean: Week 1!

My blog is seriously all over the place... scrapbooking, Marine fiancée, wedding planning, deployment, graphic design, cake decorating... and now P90X! Oh well, what can I say... I'm a girl with many interests.

And so it begins... P90X!

I first heard about P90X from my dear friend Megan and her boyfriend Chris. Meg mentioned it a few times, and then this past Valentine's Day when Joshua and I had dinner with them... we both became more interested in it. Then I started seeing it or hearing about it everywhere... and so did Joshua! After a few of his Marine buddies told him how extremely hard it is, he and I both decided to do it together when he gets home from Afghanistan.

Well... I couldn't wait. :-)

Like any (a) bride-to-be, (b) military gal awaiting her military man's homecoming, or (c) everyday American aspiring to be more healthy and more fit... I have a lot of reasons to start this program. I want to surprise Joshua with it when he comes home. They say you should already be in really good shape when you start it, because it's just that hard... but after a little research, I read that you can definitely start it at any weight or fitness level... you just might have to do the program twice to see maximum results. Which is perfect, because I'm doing the LEAN version now before Joshua gets back, and I'll do the CLASSIC version with him once he's home!

So... a little intro on what it is:
  • a 90-day program
  • 12 DVDs to workout with at home
  • 6 days a week w/ 1 day of rest
  • Classic, Lean, or Doubles versions
  • free weights, pull-up bar, & yoga mat needed
I will say straight off that it seems a little expensive up front. I think I paid around $160-170 with shipping, but they have a payment plan type thing so you don't have to pay it all at once. Here is how I justify the expense— buying any other workout DVD from Target or wherever is around $10-20. P90X includes 12 hard core, INTENSE DVDs that are an hour plus long... so if I were to buy 12 DVDs individually, I'd be paying anywhere from $120-240. Not to mention, P90X also comes with a fitness guide, nutrition plan, and calendar. Not too shabby! 

The website does try to sell you on the recovery drinks, energy bars, supplements, etc. too, but I didn't go for any of that. Honestly, it's too expensive for me right now. Even I have my limits! So I'm just using what I have at home... I have some chocolate whey protein powder (I use the Biggest Loser protein powder, but you can get it anywhere). I also love-love-love Luna bars! Yum. 

If you can't already tell, I love fitness products that are geared toward women. I'm such a girly girl. 

I started the program last Monday, June 14th. I finished my first week on Sunday... OHMYGOD IT WAS SO HARD!!!!!! I was sweating, aching, and sore all week! I could barely keep up the first two workouts, but by the third I was doing okay. I know it will get better as I get used to the workouts and learn the moves, but first go-round, it was so tough. I'm seriously proud of myself for finishing it... and I feel stronger and more determined this week already.

I used 5lb weights, and I started with a resistance band to do pull-downs instead of pull-ups... but then after a slight mishap with the band (I'll save that story for another time), I returned it and bought an actual pull-up bar for week two. I prefer to do the workouts in the morning before work, but a few days I had to do them in the evening. Three days the workouts were an hour long, the other three days they were an hour and a half.

Things I love: 
  • each DVD is different
  • there are a lot of different moves so it never gets boring
  • I already feel stronger
Things I don't love:
  • the workouts are relatively long
  • I don't have a lot of space to do them
  • it was a lot of money to spend 
I know I can't complain about this, but I also don't love that I only lost 2 pounds the first week. I think I'm gaining muscle though because I do feel a bit thinner. Always a good sign. I also took my before photos like Tony Horton said to do, so hopefully I'll have visual indication of how well I'm doing too. 

I LOVED the Kenpo workout, which was a lot of kickboxing. Core Synergistics was also very hard. And I started the Yoga workout a bit apprehensive, because my co-workers told me it's the hardest workout and they can't even do it. It's an hour and a half long and definitely intense, but I loved it, too. I turned down the lights in my room so it felt more like a yoga classroom, and I think that helped. On Sunday, my "rest" day, I did choose to rest and not do the X Stretch DVD, which was an option. Oh, and as for the nutrition plan... I'm still reading the book, but I'm not following it exactly. I'm eating healthy on my own for now. That may change.

So that's it for now. I'm on day 9 of 90 and loving every second of it! 

21 June 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

Yay, I ♥ scrapbooking! These are two of my favorite photos of Joshua and I, taken with the self timer on our camera at a hotel in Raleigh, NC. It was one of our many weekend rendezvous last year. I believe he had just gotten back from a longer field op/training exercise, and it had been nearly a month since I'd seen him. My dearest daddy graciously purchased a plane ticket for me from Albany to Raleigh to spend the weekend with my love!

I swear I'm going to get better at crediting images/people/products used, so let's start here! For this 8x8 layout, I used the following:

  • The embellishments & stickers are all Me & My Big Ideas Soft Spoken EmbellishmentsRachel's Notebook— Love
  • The page itself is DCWV Textured CardstockBrights (8"x8")
  • The black shimmer paper I mounted the photos on and the silver shimmer paper I wrote out the place and date on (which didn't scan well, but I promise they're shimmery!) are scrap papers from when I worked at American Greetings
  • The two little brads in the corners are American Crafts Elements— Mini Brads (in black)

I love having a blog, because it really does keep me accountable for getting things done that I want and need to get done. Maybe I did take a brief hiatus, but I'm back and I'm so glad I set time aside this weekend for my personal "Scrapbook Sunday!" My cousin Amanda came over and made a birthday card for her friend while I played around with these two photos for a few hours... haha, it seriously takes me forever to do one page. No wonder no one ever wants to scrapbook with me!

Patriotic Cupcakes!

It was a busy weekend celebrating Father's Day x2 for me... on Saturday, I spent the day mini-golfing and having lunch with my Daddy dearest because he was traveling on Sunday. Instead, I went to my uncle's house and spent actual Father's Day with him and my cousins. I have to get off to work right now, but later tonight I have a scrapbook page to post and my P90X week one recap! I just finished up this morning's workout and I'm feeling GREAT!

I wanted to share these cupcakes I made Memorial Weekend... great for fellow mil•spouse bloggers, or anyone who is feeling a little patriotic or festive like I am most of the time! I combined a few ideas I found floating around online with the flag tops and red/white/blue layers inside.

To make them striped, divide regular white cake batter into three bowls... keep one white, color one with red food coloring and the third with blue food coloring. 

To make the tops, the "stripes" in the flag are fruit roll-ups or fruit-by-the-foot and the "stars" are blueberries!

They might look a little messy, but they sure were tasty. Have a great day everyone! :-) 

20 June 2010

MotoMail #61 [UNCENSORED]

Dear Joshua,

It’s official. You cannot deploy EVER again. Joshua... I am serious... Do you know what this deployment has done to me? I HAVE GRAY HAIR.

GRAY hair.

Like, not just ONE strand of gray hair, but SEVERAL.

I am twenty-five years old!!!!!!! This is all the deployment’s fault! Before you left, I did NOT have gray hair. If you deploy again it will all probably turn WHITE! I can’t have WHITE hair! I can’t even have GRAY hair!!!!!

I did not find these gray hairs. Last night, I was getting my hair highlighted and my hairdresser found them. She said, “Oh! You have gray hair!” And I said WHAT. WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME? She found a patch with four strands, and she said she’d color them but I made her pull them out. Then she found more.

OHMYFUCKINGGOD, I CANNOT HAVE GRAY HAIR!!!!!!! Am I really that old? Do I look old? I could cry. I can see getting gray at 50, maybe even 40... But not 25. :-(

So please, come home and stop deploying or else you will have an old lady wife waiting on you. And just think... This is only halfway through deployment... Not even, a few days shy. But the time you get back, I’ll have a whole head full of gray hair. Oh my god.

I love you. Please still love me even though I’m now an old lady with gray hair. Please? I have gray hair.

Waaaaaah. :-(

Love forever,

[He called me before he received this and I warned him he had a nasty MotoMail coming his way from me... I don't think he believed me! About the gray hair, that is. I am seriously disturbed by this development... GRAY hair?!]

18 June 2010

365 Days

Just had to hop on here to post that my wedding is officially


Not only that, but today I am officially


And also,


I'm so happy. :-)

16 June 2010

Wedding Wednesday #5

Welcome to part two of my quest to find the perfect wedding colors! In my 3rd wedding planning post, I mentioned I was considering three different color combinations and finally narrowed it down to one. Last time, I shared the red/white/blue Nautical color theme, and this time I'm sharing the peacock color theme! Yaaaay, peacocks!

In my month of terrible blog slacking, I've made a lot of progress in wedding plans! I've decided my hairstyle and asked my amazing hairdresser to do hair and makeup for myself and the bridesmaids; I've narrowed down my color palette and overall theme; I have a vision for what I'd like to design for the save-the-dates; I've gone bridesmaid dress searching on two separate occasions; I've been on a dinner cruise on the boat during a public wedding (so thankful we're chartering it so it will be ALL ours); I've come up with an idea for table numbers and several ideas in place of a guest book; I'm looking into making the wedding cake myself after finding a gorgeous cake I just know I could replicate.

However, since I love to keep all my dear friends in suspense, that will all come in future Wednesday posts! For today, I want to share the peacock color palette and theme I am NOT going with. Originally, I was planning our wedding for 11•11•11, and I wanted the colors to be rich and deep tones of navy, royal blue, purple, teal, and gold to pick up the blues and gold in the Marine dress blues. Now that our wedding is 6•18•11 (a fall/winter wedding on the lake in Upstate New York ended up being impossible to work out), the colors aren't what I'm looking for and would clash terribly with the interior & exterior details of the venue... and I just can't have that.

But since the color combo is so beautiful and I have all these inspiration boards I picked up online (very sorry for not referencing them, please comment if you know where they came from so I can give credit)... I just have to share. They would be great colors for anyone, even a military wedding because there are so many gorgeous colors in peacock feathers. Enjoy!

15 June 2010

Life in Pictures

This is kind of a follow-up to yesterday's post. By the way, to those of you who mentioned wanting/needing a planner, I've checked out tons at all the office supply stores and bigger stores, and the best by far are at Target. They're called 365 by Franklin Covey, and in my experience you can't really find them online, you have to go in-store for them. They're a little pricey (around $20) but TOTALLY worth it for the amount of organization they allow you. I keep addresses, daily to-do lists, business cards, passwords, budgets, random lists, car details, seriously everything in mine. Yes— it would totally suck if I lost it. That's why you'll either never see me without it or never see it period... if I'm not holding it, it's hidden away somewhere! Haha, yes I'm a strange one and a little OCD.

Now onto pictures! Last month I went down to New Jersey to take some engagement photos of my darling friend Nikki and her fiancé Anthony (whose wedding I will be a bridesmaid in and she will also be in mine!) down at the good ol' Jersey shore. Here are a few of my favorites...

I'm not a photographer by any means, but I took enough courses throughout college to know how to use my camera! I think they came out super cute, and Nikki seemed pleased with the result.

We used the photo session as an excuse to have a mini-reunion with some of my favorite Jersey girls... I graduated high school in NJ and lived there from 5th through 12th grade, and then a few years of college. Love these ladies!
Going for a ride in Ashley's mini
Our traditional color coordinated photo-op (we've been doing this for years)
Another tradition... the goofy version!
Also in May, I was super excited to go to Marine Week in Boston! I did a 5K with Sue (one of my Jersey girls above, also my maid-of-honor) and Kristine (a fellow Marine's girl whose husband is with Joshua in Afghanistan).

Pinning on numbers and getting ready to race!
And then... it downpoured. But a little rain didn't get us down!

Ooh rah Marine Corps Honor Run racers!
After the race, Sue and I went galavanting around Boston in the rain to all of the lovely exhibits and sites set up for Marine week. A few favorites:

The fact that I had to travel all the way to Boston just to see a little bit of camo is just plain sad!
It deserved a drink... too bad these mugs were empty and nailed to the table
There just aren't words for this one
Probably my favorite pic of me and Sue EVER!

And then of course, there is the job interview I had in North Carolina (which sadly, I did not get, but it did allow for a mini vay-cay with my mama)...

The gorgeous view from our hotel in Emerald Isle
My favorite new dress that my friends will probably see me in a million times this summer
Just last weekend, Felice came up to visit and she, my mom and I took a dinner cruise on the steamboat I'm getting married on!

Ready to relax after a fun day of bridesmaid dress shopping
Check out my gorgeous mama! Upper deck
Felice and I on board... just picture this with color coordinated linens and chairback covers. Yay!
Those are the fun things I wanted to share for the night. Just in time for my 11pm curfew! I actually didn't get to bed until 11:30pm last night, and didn't fall asleep until half an hour later. But I did still get up around 5:45am and did Day Two of my P90X workout! It was ridiculously hard. I'm achy all over and super sore! Ow.