20 June 2010

MotoMail #61 [UNCENSORED]

Dear Joshua,

It’s official. You cannot deploy EVER again. Joshua... I am serious... Do you know what this deployment has done to me? I HAVE GRAY HAIR.

GRAY hair.

Like, not just ONE strand of gray hair, but SEVERAL.

I am twenty-five years old!!!!!!! This is all the deployment’s fault! Before you left, I did NOT have gray hair. If you deploy again it will all probably turn WHITE! I can’t have WHITE hair! I can’t even have GRAY hair!!!!!

I did not find these gray hairs. Last night, I was getting my hair highlighted and my hairdresser found them. She said, “Oh! You have gray hair!” And I said WHAT. WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME? She found a patch with four strands, and she said she’d color them but I made her pull them out. Then she found more.

OHMYFUCKINGGOD, I CANNOT HAVE GRAY HAIR!!!!!!! Am I really that old? Do I look old? I could cry. I can see getting gray at 50, maybe even 40... But not 25. :-(

So please, come home and stop deploying or else you will have an old lady wife waiting on you. And just think... This is only halfway through deployment... Not even, a few days shy. But the time you get back, I’ll have a whole head full of gray hair. Oh my god.

I love you. Please still love me even though I’m now an old lady with gray hair. Please? I have gray hair.

Waaaaaah. :-(

Love forever,

[He called me before he received this and I warned him he had a nasty MotoMail coming his way from me... I don't think he believed me! About the gray hair, that is. I am seriously disturbed by this development... GRAY hair?!]


  1. haha this cracked me up. love u and ur gray hair!

  2. Oh dear... haha. If wrote my husband something like this, I'd be blaming him for ulcers, anxiety and high blood pressure. ugh! Isn't it gross how deployments do all these crazy things to you?

  3. bummer! well if it makes you feel better, I have old lady joint pain... not just a little either... i'm on prescription medication as of this week. scary.

  4. Oh my - at least your hairdresser caught it. If it's worth anything - I started to get gray hair my senior year in high school.

  5. Hey there!

    I am a new follower :) My boyfriend is in the National Guard.

  6. Deployment gave me gray hair too.


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