22 June 2010

P90X Lean: Week 1!

My blog is seriously all over the place... scrapbooking, Marine fiancée, wedding planning, deployment, graphic design, cake decorating... and now P90X! Oh well, what can I say... I'm a girl with many interests.

And so it begins... P90X!

I first heard about P90X from my dear friend Megan and her boyfriend Chris. Meg mentioned it a few times, and then this past Valentine's Day when Joshua and I had dinner with them... we both became more interested in it. Then I started seeing it or hearing about it everywhere... and so did Joshua! After a few of his Marine buddies told him how extremely hard it is, he and I both decided to do it together when he gets home from Afghanistan.

Well... I couldn't wait. :-)

Like any (a) bride-to-be, (b) military gal awaiting her military man's homecoming, or (c) everyday American aspiring to be more healthy and more fit... I have a lot of reasons to start this program. I want to surprise Joshua with it when he comes home. They say you should already be in really good shape when you start it, because it's just that hard... but after a little research, I read that you can definitely start it at any weight or fitness level... you just might have to do the program twice to see maximum results. Which is perfect, because I'm doing the LEAN version now before Joshua gets back, and I'll do the CLASSIC version with him once he's home!

So... a little intro on what it is:
  • a 90-day program
  • 12 DVDs to workout with at home
  • 6 days a week w/ 1 day of rest
  • Classic, Lean, or Doubles versions
  • free weights, pull-up bar, & yoga mat needed
I will say straight off that it seems a little expensive up front. I think I paid around $160-170 with shipping, but they have a payment plan type thing so you don't have to pay it all at once. Here is how I justify the expense— buying any other workout DVD from Target or wherever is around $10-20. P90X includes 12 hard core, INTENSE DVDs that are an hour plus long... so if I were to buy 12 DVDs individually, I'd be paying anywhere from $120-240. Not to mention, P90X also comes with a fitness guide, nutrition plan, and calendar. Not too shabby! 

The website does try to sell you on the recovery drinks, energy bars, supplements, etc. too, but I didn't go for any of that. Honestly, it's too expensive for me right now. Even I have my limits! So I'm just using what I have at home... I have some chocolate whey protein powder (I use the Biggest Loser protein powder, but you can get it anywhere). I also love-love-love Luna bars! Yum. 

If you can't already tell, I love fitness products that are geared toward women. I'm such a girly girl. 

I started the program last Monday, June 14th. I finished my first week on Sunday... OHMYGOD IT WAS SO HARD!!!!!! I was sweating, aching, and sore all week! I could barely keep up the first two workouts, but by the third I was doing okay. I know it will get better as I get used to the workouts and learn the moves, but first go-round, it was so tough. I'm seriously proud of myself for finishing it... and I feel stronger and more determined this week already.

I used 5lb weights, and I started with a resistance band to do pull-downs instead of pull-ups... but then after a slight mishap with the band (I'll save that story for another time), I returned it and bought an actual pull-up bar for week two. I prefer to do the workouts in the morning before work, but a few days I had to do them in the evening. Three days the workouts were an hour long, the other three days they were an hour and a half.

Things I love: 
  • each DVD is different
  • there are a lot of different moves so it never gets boring
  • I already feel stronger
Things I don't love:
  • the workouts are relatively long
  • I don't have a lot of space to do them
  • it was a lot of money to spend 
I know I can't complain about this, but I also don't love that I only lost 2 pounds the first week. I think I'm gaining muscle though because I do feel a bit thinner. Always a good sign. I also took my before photos like Tony Horton said to do, so hopefully I'll have visual indication of how well I'm doing too. 

I LOVED the Kenpo workout, which was a lot of kickboxing. Core Synergistics was also very hard. And I started the Yoga workout a bit apprehensive, because my co-workers told me it's the hardest workout and they can't even do it. It's an hour and a half long and definitely intense, but I loved it, too. I turned down the lights in my room so it felt more like a yoga classroom, and I think that helped. On Sunday, my "rest" day, I did choose to rest and not do the X Stretch DVD, which was an option. Oh, and as for the nutrition plan... I'm still reading the book, but I'm not following it exactly. I'm eating healthy on my own for now. That may change.

So that's it for now. I'm on day 9 of 90 and loving every second of it! 


  1. thanks for actually saying what it is. I see that everyone is doing it, but I couldn't figure out exactly what it was! good luck! :) :)

  2. i love LOVE LOVE p90X! if you like it another good thing to look at is the crossfit work out..its actually geared towards marines so you KNOW youll be in shape :)

  3. I love P90X. My husband and I did it too. It's serious business! You pretty much have to be in excellent shape to begin with, then do P90X to get ripped :) Good luck and don't give up!

  4. Hi there! New follower here! I figured I would stop by and say hello to a fellow *almost* Marine wife! =)

    I'm going to be joining the silent ranks very soon and I figured I would reach out to you. Hope you are doing great and please stop by my blog if you have time! Thank you!


  5. you should def look into one of the scales that tells you your BMI, because I'm sure with those intense workout you will for SURE be gaining lots of muscle... sexy!

  6. My husband is going through P90X for the second time right now. He keeps begging me to do it with him. I run every day...but I'm pretty sure I'd DIE half way through the first workout with this stuff :) If he finally wears me down I'll have to come back and share though, lol.


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