16 June 2010

Wedding Wednesday #5

Welcome to part two of my quest to find the perfect wedding colors! In my 3rd wedding planning post, I mentioned I was considering three different color combinations and finally narrowed it down to one. Last time, I shared the red/white/blue Nautical color theme, and this time I'm sharing the peacock color theme! Yaaaay, peacocks!

In my month of terrible blog slacking, I've made a lot of progress in wedding plans! I've decided my hairstyle and asked my amazing hairdresser to do hair and makeup for myself and the bridesmaids; I've narrowed down my color palette and overall theme; I have a vision for what I'd like to design for the save-the-dates; I've gone bridesmaid dress searching on two separate occasions; I've been on a dinner cruise on the boat during a public wedding (so thankful we're chartering it so it will be ALL ours); I've come up with an idea for table numbers and several ideas in place of a guest book; I'm looking into making the wedding cake myself after finding a gorgeous cake I just know I could replicate.

However, since I love to keep all my dear friends in suspense, that will all come in future Wednesday posts! For today, I want to share the peacock color palette and theme I am NOT going with. Originally, I was planning our wedding for 11•11•11, and I wanted the colors to be rich and deep tones of navy, royal blue, purple, teal, and gold to pick up the blues and gold in the Marine dress blues. Now that our wedding is 6•18•11 (a fall/winter wedding on the lake in Upstate New York ended up being impossible to work out), the colors aren't what I'm looking for and would clash terribly with the interior & exterior details of the venue... and I just can't have that.

But since the color combo is so beautiful and I have all these inspiration boards I picked up online (very sorry for not referencing them, please comment if you know where they came from so I can give credit)... I just have to share. They would be great colors for anyone, even a military wedding because there are so many gorgeous colors in peacock feathers. Enjoy!


  1. Such a great color scheme...it will be gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE the peacock theme colors! I thought about doing such colors for my wedding, but ended up sticking with purple, black, white and silver. The blues, purples and greens above are beautiful though!


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