30 June 2010

Wedding Wednesday #7

Today's topic? Wedding hair! I want to wear my hair in a long side ponytail for my wedding. I think it'll be the best of both worlds... on one side, my hair will be off my face and swept away; on the other, long and loose curls down the side! I've been growing my hair out since Joshua proposed, and I have awhile yet to go before it reaches this length that I want. Inspiration? See here:

I spent the weekend cleaning and organizing my boxes of belongings in the basement in preparation for my Big Risk move to North Carolina in a few months. While I was down there getting rid of things, my mom found this clip-on hair piece we bought several years ago at one of those little kiosks in the mall. Note: I think fake hair is weird, but back in the day I thought it was kind of cool. This was also during the phase when I dyed my hair dark brown during art school, so my hairpiece was dark brunette and my mom's was blonde.

WELL, the blonde hairpiece just so happened to be the perfect style to clip on to see how I want my hair for my wedding! I'm all about the side ponytail. So now all my hair has to do is grow out to this length, and I'll be set! Here are the pics from my cell phone photo session when Amanda and I were playing with our hair in the bathroom on Sunday. :-)

Haha. Good times! More wedding fun next week.

P.S. From now on, I'm going to put a little watermark type thing of my personal logo on any photos I post. I know I for one am guilty of swiping images off the internet if I like them, and usually afterwards I'm like... "Where did I get that from again?" So... this is for accountability and trackability— which isn't a word, but still. 


  1. HaHa! I remember back when you liked fake hair!

  2. cute cute cute!!!! hair is a biggie!!! awesome plan! love the low side ponytail!

  3. The hair ideas are super cute and your hair with the clip is adorable! Nice watermark thing on the photos!


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