21 July 2010

A Few Things

Finally caught up on the latest episodes of Army Wives, The BacheloretteThe Gates, and the series finale of The Hills. Can I just say— really? Crazy ending. I immediately ran to my computer to Google it to see what other people were saying. I really liked The Hills. I didn't watch every season, but I did watch Laguna Beach and a few of the earlier Hills seasons. Then of course, this season. I always knew it probably wasn't real, and I didn't care. I just enjoyed it for what it was. Drama & gossip, hot girls and fashion, and the city life that I gave up midway through college. Oh well!

Thanks to MTV finally remembering that they are a music channel and now listing the artist/song playing in the background on their shows, I discovered two new singers that I absolutely adore: Liz Golden, and through her via iTunes, Cambria Detken. They're awesome. They're feminine girl music, if you like that type, with pretty/inspiring lyrics. Just what I needed today after download Eminem's latest CD, Recovery.

I have quite the eclectic taste in music. My iTunes library has nearly 4,000 songs and usually, everyone can find something they like when I bring my iPod places. I'm not a huge fan of Jazz or Heavy Metal, but aside from that I like of lot of "random shit," as some friends tell me.

Also thanks to the finale on The Hills,  I found Lo Bosworth's website, The Lo Down. It's super cute. I like how she divided everything into categories. I'm thinking of doing something like that, since my blog is all over the place. I also like the idea of having a "blog site" rather than a "web site," which is pretty much what she does. Such a fun concept.

**My love finally called home last weekend!** Saturday morning at 5:25am, to be precise. I felt a huge sense of relief hearing his voice. His birthday is this coming Sunday and I have yet to send a birthday card or package... I suck. That's on my monstrous to-do list. I also ordered his homecoming banner, YAY! I don't want to post it on here until he's home, but I can't wait until it arrives. My only fear is that I had it say "Welcome Home, Cpl *******!" and he may pick up rank before then. He's due for Sergeant sometime in the near future. But I didn't want to wait and risk it not getting here (homecoming is still awhile away but delivery for it is 8+ weeks). I figure if he's promoted before then, I'll just touch up the sign with some paper and paint!

After I catch up on True Blood, I'll be up to date with all my current shows. I never have time to watch them when they actually air, so I DVR them and end up watching them all together on the weekends when I catch a break. I enjoy TV... it takes my mind off deployment.

Oh, and wedding season has begun! The past two weekends in a row, I was at a bachelorette party in Pennsylvania, a wedding in New Jersey, and next weekend I have another wedding in New Jersey. I get one weekend off, then it's down to North Carolina for a full week with my dear friend Kristine to look at apartments and stay with fellow eFriend Sydnie, then I have yet another weekend here in New York. Busy, expensive times for sure.

P.S. Thanks for all the comments on the care packages I make Joshua. A lot of the girls in our battalion make equally awesome care packages for their men... I'm just trying to keep up! ♥

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  1. I had the same fear about my sign... good idea about the paper and paint!!! Hope to see you soon girlie! :)


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