14 July 2010

Remember to Breathe

  1. This was supposed to be my second "Ten on Tuesday" post. Clearly this did not happen.
  2. I will not be posting a Wedding Wednesday post today.
  3. It's because I can't think or focus on anything except my cell phone.
  4. I'm sitting, staring, waiting, wanting, hoping, wishing for Joshua to call home.
  5. Last week, his GySgt and CO were blown up when their vehicle hit an IED. They survived, but both had to have their legs amputated. I've just been a mess with worry every since.
  6. Joshua was supposed to call over a week ago and still has not. There is a rumor the satellite phone is broken. Idk.
  7. Work has been a disaster the past week and a half. This photo shoot is NOT going well. The photographer is impossible to work with and everyday gives me a new reason why he can't focus his camera on the photos I need focus for.
  8. I've been working a lot of overtime and not enjoying it. I'm so ready to quit and move down to North Carolina. I'm so ready to be my own boss and really start my business.
  9. The best thing about the past week was going to Pennsylvania for Jamie's bachelorette party. It was fun and a nice break from the stress at work. We went to Lancaster and Hershey Park and had a grand ol' time.
  10. I'm busy every weekend from this past one until the middle of August. Remind me to remember to breathe?
  11. I envy my friends whose Facebook posts say anything about being "bored." I don't know the last time I was bored. It had to be years ago. Maybe a decade. I wish I could be "bored" for just ten minutes so I could read a book, or organize my CDs, or back-up my photos, or do some wedding planning.
  12. I guess then I still wouldn't be bored. I guess I just need more time. How can I get more time?
  13. I'm still on week two of P90X. I slacked and have to finish it. I'm just.so.tired.
  14. My new iMac is glorious. But there was a black spec on the screen, which Google and the IT guy at work told me was probably a dead pixel. I deleted all my photos and programs I had spent hours putting on it this past week to bring it back to the store to exchange it for a new iMac (as the guy at the Apple store told me to do). When I got to the store, it turned out to be a spec of dust under the monitor.
  15. The Apple Genius used suction cups to lift my screen and remove the dust. I removed all my programs, photos, and info for nothing, and had to spend another few hours re-adding it all.
  16. I still love my new iMac.
  17. I'd love even more to tell Joshua I bought it. And to thank him for it. And to ask him the zillion questions I have on my list of things to ask/tell him.
  18. I'd love to get more than five hours of sleep one night this week.
  19. Right now I'm most excited about the projects I'm working on outside the hours of nine to five. I can't wait to finish up Felice's graduation invitations and get a start on my and Nikki's wedding save-the-dates.
  20. I can't wait to feel like this again:

The week Joshua got home from Iraq


  1. Scary!!! I'm sure he's just fine and well with the comm down who knows how long it will be. But no news can be good news, I guess. Hang in there hun!!

  2. That's rough. I hope you get to hear from him soon. Hang in there, it will be over before you know it with as busy as you are staying.

  3. Oh lady... I hope you hear from him soon =)
    I'm glad you found time to have fun though... I really want to go to Hershey Park!

  4. Thanks for following my blog! and what I've read from yours you're awesome so you're getting a follower in return :)
    I'm so sorry you're having a hard time, I would be just as all over the place if I were in your shoes. I'm sure you'll hear from him soon and sometimes girls nights and alcohol is just what you need. I'll send some prayers and hugs your way. I'll also pray for his Gunny and CO!
    Can't wait to read more! Semper Fi love!


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