31 August 2010

Time to Move!

Ohmygosh, I can't believe it... I'm moving to North Carolina next week! My last day of work is Friday (which I'm still somewhat in denial about). I've definitely felt ready for this for months now, but being actually at this point I feel a little overwhelmed. I realize this by the dozens of people asking me if I'm packed and ready to go... No! No, I haven't packed at all! I don't know why!

A friend of mine said, "You'll pack when you're ready." I love that. She's so very right. When I'm ready, I'll pack. Most likely this weekend, since I decided to hold off until after Labor Day to make the drive from New York. Joshua's homecoming is so very close, but still not here. There have been more attacks and IED explosions with his platoon, and that freaks me out. Seriously.

I can't wait! Beach, ocean, a balcony! I love our condo already, and I haven't even been inside yet... we're right on the ocean! I can't wait to go grocery shopping and unpack my kitchen and make the beds. Yay! I can't wait to be close to base so I can feel like part of the Marine family again... it's been tough feeling so distanced from Lejeune and all my wife friends this whole deployment!

Who else is in the Lejeune area?

24 August 2010

{Ten On Tuesday} RETAIL THERAPY edition

As the deployment gets closer, I've turned to retail therapy to help me through this last stretch of it before I move. Not good for my wallet, I agree... but I've hit some really good sales AND I keep telling myself that very soon, I won't have the money to buy these things anymore... so I'm stocking up now!

1 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Aldo Accessories
One of my best friends, Sue, said I needed a new "statement bracelet." She helped me find this pretty thing at Aldo Accessories... I had store credit from a recent return, so I didn't have to pay full price! Nice.

2 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Gap Outlet
These are my favorite ever T-shirts from the Gap. They're stretch... the few I've had, I've had for years and they wash really well and never shrink. I got a new black, white, royal blue, and deep teal one this past weekend. I also got two dresses a few weeks ago, also at the Gap Outlet... one was only $5!

3 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ JCPenney
This is one of my favorite purchases this summer from JCPenney. I wore it to both weddings I went to in July & August, and I'll mostly likely wear it to the October wedding I'm going to. Different crowds, so why not re-wear? P.S.— It kills me that this dress is now on sale for only $35. I definitely paid more!

4 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ DSW
I bought these lovely heels at DSW to wear with the above dress. You can't really tell from the photo, but the dress has little splashes of purple throughout. I wanted to bring out the color.

5 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Pampered Chef
My friend Alison from work invited me to her sister's Pampered Chef party a few weeks ago. I love Pampered Chef! I can't wait for my order to come in. I got my first piece of stoneware... a bar pan so I can make pizza, coffee cake, and a bunch of other recipes I want to try that require a pan like this. Yay! I also got my favorite spatula my mom has, a cooling rack for all the cookies I intend to make for Joshua, and a recipe book.

6 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Le Gourmet Chef
For my birthday this past May, mom's boyfriend Allen gave me a gift card to Le Gourmet Chef to put toward the KitchenAid I really, really want. Since they're so expensive though, I'll have to wait for that purchase. Until then I picked up this neat cookie scoop. You know, for all the cookies I'm making for Joshua, to fatten him up after his 20+ pound weight loss this deployment. Sneaky, sneaky! I also got a great cutting board and a lemon zester!

7 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Victoria's Secret
In my quest to find the perfect dress to wear to Joshua's homecoming (which I DID find at VS, but I'm not sharing until after homecoming!)... I got this pretty red sundress. I also discovered the bandeau... SO awesome to wear under low-neck tops. I got it in black lace. Bandeaus are awesome! Note to friends— if you ever order from VS, be sure to Google coupons. There are always tons online and I got a great deal!

8 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Pandora
I'm seriously loving the latest lion bead I got for my Pandora bracelet. Joshua has a lion tattoo on his chest, and my favorite quote ever is, "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." Yeah yeah, it's from Twilight. But anyway, my co-worker showed me this bead and told me it was retiring and so I just had to have it. Adore!

9 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ American Eagle
I need more casual, warm weather clothes for the big move to NC, so when I found this pink sweetheart neckline strapless top at AE, I got it. With a coupon, of course!

10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Barnes & Noble
For my long road trips to North Carolina, I started reading books on tape. I've been collecting each of the books in Nora Robert's Bride Quartet series. I was so excited when the third book was published on audio, and I've waited all summer to buy it so I could save it for the move south. Then, a new book called Creative Inc. that I saw on a few blogs I read came out for freelancers... perfect timing for my next big adventure!

Okay... no more shopping for me! For awhile! For real!

18 August 2010

Wedding Wednesday #8

I have been seriously slacking in my wedding planning the past few months. Luckily, this is the weekend my beautiful bridesmaids come up to try on dresses! I've considered posting photos of the dresses I want them to try on (my mom and I narrowed it down to two), but like my wedding gown, I think I want their dresses to be a surprise.

Lately I've become mesmerized by the idea of wearing red shoes with my gown. Yes, I know it will make things a bit patriotic with the white gown and navy bridesmaid dresses... but my shoes will be hidden and after all, it is a military wedding. The yellow would break it up a bit, too. And in the photos of just Joshua and I, they would look adorable being photographed together with him in his dress blues!

{source: Orchard Cove Photography c/o Little Black Book}

{source: BelathĂ©e Photography c/o Santa Barbara Chic Blog}

{source: Wedding Plans}

{source: Cook Images c/o The Knot}

{source: Sedona Bride}

I knew I wanted to wear colored shoes, but red was also my mom's idea. She's so good! Here are a few other colored shoe ideas to ponder... I so ♥ wedding planning!

{source: Elizabeth Anne Designs c/o Marcella's Bridal}

{source: Marcella's Bridal}

{source: Table 6 Productions}

{source: Whitebox Weddings c/o With This Ring}

We're going to check out shoes (for my myself and the bridesmaids) after dress shopping. I just to find a heel that isn't too high. Not really for comfort's sake... I can rock the high heels. It's just... Joshua is only a few inches taller than me! ;-)

I know he doesn't care, but... I do. Updates soon! The big day is ten months exactly from today! ♥

1/30/11 UPDATE: Check out my 2nd post of more red wedding shoes next!

17 August 2010

Letter of Resignation

So now that I've officially given my notice to work, I can officially talk about it publicly! Let me tell you... resigning from a job you love is no cup of tea. It was, and will continue to be, very difficult!

Technically, I have two bosses at my current job (bonus 10 points for the people who actually know/understand why! lol). Basically, I'm the graphic designer for a supermarket but I work for the company that brokers the food they sell. That company's headquarters is out of state, and they have hundreds of accounts worldwide... I happened to work at this one supermarket account, so I have a boss/supervisor with the supermarket and also a boss with my company. What I'm trying to say is, I had to give my notice twice to two different bosses. And they don't really play on the same team.

Awkward! I'm much closer with the people at the supermarket headquarters than I am with my company's people, so I told that boss first. We've become close friends since I began working here (in fact, we just got back from seeing Eclipse together... my third time, but who's counting?). So I told her, and she cried... a lot. She knew it was coming, but she was still upset. It's a really busy time at work right now with our annual company trade show coming up, and the ginormous bakery project I'm currently working on outside of that.

Giving her my notice was rough. I felt horrible. I was dreading it all week. I had knots in my stomach because I knew she'd be upset, and I knew the timing wasn't perfect, and she was talking about all these upcoming projects we have and I kept thinking to myself oh God, I won't be here for that... I won't be here to help with that either... I want to work on that but I'll be gone by then and it made me more nervous. So on Thursday at the end of the day, I told her. I couldn't bear to tell her on Friday the 13th because she hates that day and had already mentioned it a month earlier because she saw there was a Friday the 13th on the calendar. So I told her, and she tried to convince me to stay another two weeks (on top of the three weeks notice I was already giving), and it was just sad. Boo. :(

On Friday, I told my other boss. I wasn't as nervous to tell him, because at my last review earlier this year, I had mentioned that eventually I would like to move to be with my fiancĂ©. So he knew it was coming. This was after he told me that my position as Graphic Designer could never be upgraded to Senior Designer because it wasn't in the budget for our account, so if I wanted to grow with the company or be promoted, I'd have to move to another account or become a Business Manager (barf). Basically, they knew I'd be leaving eventually anyway. This was a two-year, three-year position, tops. Unless you're the type who doesn't have a desire to move ahead, which I very much am not. There is always room to grow!

I had to give him a formal letter of resignation. For the record, Google has dozens of great examples of letters of resignation to go off. I read through a ton, picked apart what I liked, and put together my own. I emailed it to my dad for his approval (the experienced VP that he is), and then I designed a letterhead for it and printed it out.

Yes... that's right. I designed my letter of resignation. I figured, I went in as a designer... I'll go out as a designer too! After all, they keep such things on file in case you ever want future employment with the company. And since we have accounts worldwide and I'm marrying a Marine... you just never know!

Anyway, the meeting/resignation with him went fine. But he made me wait until Tuesday (today) to tell the rest of the team. Also awkward, because I had to set up a meeting to tell them, "Hey! I just quit! No, I don't have another job, I did it for love!" Well, not in so many words, but... whatever. And now the rest of the office is slowly starting to find out and come to my desk and say "congrats!" Either that, or "wtf!" They all seem kind of sad about it. Which I suppose is a compliment?

And with that, I'll leave you with my letter of resignation in case any of you ever want to copy/paste/piece together the bits that I stole from others floating around the internet. Yay, resignation!

[Boss Name & Address]
Dear [Boss],
Please accept this letter of resignation from my position at [Company] as [Position] for [Department]. My last day of employment will be [Date], which will provide sufficient time for me to finish ongoing projects and turn over my position to my replacement.
Thank you so much for the opportunities for professional and personal development that you have provided me during my tenure here with [Company]. I have enjoyed working with the people and the company, and I appreciate the experiences I have been given and your professional guidance and support. If I can be of any assistance during this transition, please let me know. I would be glad to help however I can.
I wish you and the team success in your future endeavors.
My mom took this at Family Day at the office a couple months ago... bye bye, cubicle!

{Ten On Tuesday}

It's halfway through August, and I'm back from my blogging hiatus! Here are ten quick updates to help get myself back into blogging. I never know where to begin, so here we go!

1 ♥ As of 8:30am tomorrow this will now be public knowledge and I can post it online: I GAVE MY NOTICE AND I'M RESIGNING FROM MY JOB AND MOVING TO NORTH CAROLINA! Eeeeee!!!

2 ♥ I'm moving to the Camp Lejeune area for several months before we're restationed to the Marine Corps base in Quantico, VA. I can't wait for both moves! So much to look forward to.

3 ♥ My plan is to freelance as a designer for the time I'm in North Carolina, then when we're restationed I'm going to look for another full-time gig in the DC area. This will be such a nice break from the corporate conundrum and time to relax and refresh myself for all our future plans!

4 ♥ I spent a week in North Carolina visiting several girls from Joshua's battalion that I originally met via Facebook. I learned what "chicken & biscuits" are, drove through TMO on a golf cart, and signed a lease for a condo. But not in that order. Or maybe it was.

5 ♥ Since we'll only be in NC for a short time, I found a gorgeous furnished condo in Emerald Isle, our most favoritest place ever, for us to live in! Check out the view from the balcony... and it's just a short walk to the beach!

6 ♥ This coming weekend, three of my best girlfriends (bridesmaids & maid-of-honor) are coming to visit and go dress shopping with my cousin (also a bridesmaid) and I for their dresses and shoes! We have a day of fun planned up north in Saratoga. I'd also like to find a veil to wear with my dress.

7 ♥ I've been shopping around for the perfect homecoming dress for several weeks now. I've searched five malls and countless websites, along with any TJ Maxx or Mashalls I pass. Finally, I ended up ordering a few dresses to try on from my favorite catalog... Victoria's Secret. Now I have several options!

8 ♥ My cousin Eric got married two weekends ago to his beautiful bride, Melissa. The wedding was a blast and made me even more excited for my own!

9 ♥ We received a flight window for Advon today, and the mail stop day has already passed. You know what that means... homecoming it getting closer! I'm so very impatient. So is Joshua. He recently told me he feels like a little kid on Christmas, so excited to come home. He said he paces back and forth and can't sit still at all. Awwwww.

10 ♥ While shopping at Target for bins to begin packing my belongings into, I came across the greatest bargain ever... these adorable Converse sneakers for only $8.74!