17 August 2010

{Ten On Tuesday}

It's halfway through August, and I'm back from my blogging hiatus! Here are ten quick updates to help get myself back into blogging. I never know where to begin, so here we go!

1 ♥ As of 8:30am tomorrow this will now be public knowledge and I can post it online: I GAVE MY NOTICE AND I'M RESIGNING FROM MY JOB AND MOVING TO NORTH CAROLINA! Eeeeee!!!

2 ♥ I'm moving to the Camp Lejeune area for several months before we're restationed to the Marine Corps base in Quantico, VA. I can't wait for both moves! So much to look forward to.

3 ♥ My plan is to freelance as a designer for the time I'm in North Carolina, then when we're restationed I'm going to look for another full-time gig in the DC area. This will be such a nice break from the corporate conundrum and time to relax and refresh myself for all our future plans!

4 ♥ I spent a week in North Carolina visiting several girls from Joshua's battalion that I originally met via Facebook. I learned what "chicken & biscuits" are, drove through TMO on a golf cart, and signed a lease for a condo. But not in that order. Or maybe it was.

5 ♥ Since we'll only be in NC for a short time, I found a gorgeous furnished condo in Emerald Isle, our most favoritest place ever, for us to live in! Check out the view from the balcony... and it's just a short walk to the beach!

6 ♥ This coming weekend, three of my best girlfriends (bridesmaids & maid-of-honor) are coming to visit and go dress shopping with my cousin (also a bridesmaid) and I for their dresses and shoes! We have a day of fun planned up north in Saratoga. I'd also like to find a veil to wear with my dress.

7 ♥ I've been shopping around for the perfect homecoming dress for several weeks now. I've searched five malls and countless websites, along with any TJ Maxx or Mashalls I pass. Finally, I ended up ordering a few dresses to try on from my favorite catalog... Victoria's Secret. Now I have several options!

8 ♥ My cousin Eric got married two weekends ago to his beautiful bride, Melissa. The wedding was a blast and made me even more excited for my own!

9 ♥ We received a flight window for Advon today, and the mail stop day has already passed. You know what that means... homecoming it getting closer! I'm so very impatient. So is Joshua. He recently told me he feels like a little kid on Christmas, so excited to come home. He said he paces back and forth and can't sit still at all. Awwwww.

10 ♥ While shopping at Target for bins to begin packing my belongings into, I came across the greatest bargain ever... these adorable Converse sneakers for only $8.74!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of exciting stuff! I'm so glad you are moving down here. It looks like you found a really great place! I bet you are super excited for all this stuff! I can't wait to hear more about it =)

  2. Sounds like you've been busy, busy. Glad to hear the deployment is almost over.

  3. Yay :) You're back to blogging! Can't wait to see you, chica! So excited for us :) :) :) Soon, we will have our men home!!!

  4. So exciting that he comes home sooon :)

  5. yay i have been waiting for a new blog<3 and super excited to see u friday! :)

  6. It's about time for a new blog entry! I can't wait to see you and the other girls this weekend!


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