31 August 2010

Time to Move!

Ohmygosh, I can't believe it... I'm moving to North Carolina next week! My last day of work is Friday (which I'm still somewhat in denial about). I've definitely felt ready for this for months now, but being actually at this point I feel a little overwhelmed. I realize this by the dozens of people asking me if I'm packed and ready to go... No! No, I haven't packed at all! I don't know why!

A friend of mine said, "You'll pack when you're ready." I love that. She's so very right. When I'm ready, I'll pack. Most likely this weekend, since I decided to hold off until after Labor Day to make the drive from New York. Joshua's homecoming is so very close, but still not here. There have been more attacks and IED explosions with his platoon, and that freaks me out. Seriously.

I can't wait! Beach, ocean, a balcony! I love our condo already, and I haven't even been inside yet... we're right on the ocean! I can't wait to go grocery shopping and unpack my kitchen and make the beds. Yay! I can't wait to be close to base so I can feel like part of the Marine family again... it's been tough feeling so distanced from Lejeune and all my wife friends this whole deployment!

Who else is in the Lejeune area?


  1. if you haven't met her yet, my best friend in the whole wide big world is down at lejeune. her name is sydney. you can find her twitter: @sydneyayrn or her blog: mommavicious.blogspot.com

    no one else in the world will make you feel as welcome, i promise. :) congratulations on your move!


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