28 September 2010

Best Apps for a Deployment

Best for deployment: Military Wife & Big Day!
Before Joshua deployed, I bought myself an iPod touch. I got it so I'd have some games, music, videos, etc. in case I ever got bored or to make the time pass by more quickly. I also found two of the BEST apps EVER for getting through a deployment. They both only cost $0.99 and are well worth the pennies!

My top fave is the Military Wife Deployment Survival Guide. It's hot pink camo and super cute. I never did the whole "donut of misery" a lot of girls do because I can't stand Excel, which is why this app is soooo great. It does a little pie chart for you right on your iPod!

Seriously, how exciting is my most recent chart?!
It also tells you the time "over there," and gives you the times for Afghanistan and Iraq.

So that and the pie chart are the two best features. There are some other cutesy things as well, like "Get Motivated!" and "Find My Zen!" quotes. There is a "Surprise Me!" part that you click on the box and it makes this sparkle noise and gives you a present. There is also a "cork board" where you can save your fave quotes and add photos. I didn't really use that over the deployment but it's there if you like it!

My second favorite app is the Big Day Event Countdown. There is also a lite version that is free, but I like the paid version because it supports multiple events. For me, that's homecoming and our wedding! I love this app. You can upload your own photos as the background and move the little counter wherever you want on the screen.

These are older countdowns I caught screen shots of so I don't violate OPSEC. I also removed the dates from the Military Wife countdown screen shot for the same reason. But they're so fun!


  1. I wish I knew those existed when Ryan was in Iraq... and that I had an iTouch then! Haha. Thanks for sharing, and you are SOO close!!!!

  2. wow I didnt know they had apps for deployment Im definatly going to get them:) Thanks for sharing:)

  3. so cute! I especially love the first one. I looked for it in the droid market place...but no luck :(

  4. Such a great post! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  5. I love Big Day and been using it for about a year. I've counted down everything...from Valentine's Day til his birthday, and everything in between.

  6. Awe! Hubby and I share an iTouch right now and he plans on taking it when he goes. Maybe I'll have to talk him into a second one. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  7. I would love those apps!!! They seem really neat to have. =)


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