08 September 2010

Clutter-free Wannabe

I am so exhausted. I've been going nonstop since I woke up this morning and I feel like I got so much done... my bedroom is immaculate and completely organized everywhere except my desk, which I had to save for another day. Then, I began going through all my boxes and bins in the basement. I got rid of 3 boxes full of clothes, a few more full of household things for the Good Will, dozens upon dozens of books that I'm going to try to donate to the local library, and about five or six huge trash bags full of crap I just decided to throw away.

I feel lighter, somehow. :-)

Can I just say it is SO HARD going from having your own apartment for several years to moving home and only having one bedroom? I'll be so happy to have SPACE again!

I still have 3 boxes full of kitchen things, 1 box full of desk supplies, and a giant bin of art supplies to go through. Not bad though. But then of course there's the garage full of things I forgot I must sort through... must add that to the list! I have so much stuff, for real. My problem has been that I keep everything, so I'm finally just getting rid of it.

How? I tell myself that I'll soon be a military wife and whatever I keep is what I'll have to take from base to base with me every time we PCS. Goodness, it's helping! So here's an update on my progress. Bold is in progress.

1. clean/organize bedroom (all complete except desk area & closet)
2. organize boxes in basement (5 more boxes/bins to go!)
3. pack!!! 
4. send clothes to Good Will
5. make appointment with florist 
6. make appointment with event planner 
7. make appointment with DJ 
8. update wedding binder
9. get car visor replaced (my awesome cousin who works at Honda ordered the visor and is coming by tomorrow to install it for me, yay!)
10. make hair appointment 
11. organize boxes in garage
12. photograph portfolio 
13. return clothes to Victoria's Secret 
14. send claim for contacts to insurance
15. update recipe binder 
16. burn backup CDs of photos 
17. load new music to iMac 
18. scan scrapbook layouts 

20. BJ's with Uncle Tom 
21. meet with event planner (Wednesday morning)
22. crepes with Alison & Liz (Wednesday evening)
23. visit Sue in Boston (all day Thursday)
24. hair appointment (Friday morning)
25. Aunt Vicki's surprise birthday party (Saturday afternoon)
26. Alison & Eric's party (Saturday night)
27. lunch with Beth & Josh 

Lord. I hope I can get everything done by Sunday. I'm feeling a bit stressed/overwhelmed again. Not to mention, I hope everything I'm packing to move will fit in my Civic and my mom's Jeep. If it doesn't? Umm... I'll have to leave it here until late October when I next come home... with Joshua, whoo hoo!

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