25 September 2010

Life at the Beach

I've officially made it and I'm in North Carolina! I'm at the beach house that is to be our home for the next three months, yay! Not much longer until my love comes home. The past week and a half, I've been busy moving in, unpacking, and hosting company. My mom and cousin drove down with me from New York to help me move in, but I had to put the unpacking on hold when two of my girlfriends from NY also came down to spend five days here. My mom and cousin ended up staying six days too since they liked it so much! I hope the husband-to-be likes it as well.

It's been a LOT of work. You see... no one ever warned me about the "water bugs" aka "palmetto bugs" aka ROACHES that live in the south. Up north, it's spiders and black ants, and I can deal with either. But down here, I wasn't expecting the roaches! It's a funny story, really...

After about a 13 hour drive down from NY with my mom and cousin following behind me, I arrived to the condo around 2am... only to be greeted by two dead roaches on the carpet! Ew! After the three of us completely freaked out, we decided we were tired enough to just go to sleep and deal with it in the morning. But then... there was a roach crawling up the wall in the living room. We screamed, grabbed our bags, and left for a hotel.

I was near tears at this point, thinking the condo was infested; that I'd have to move back to NY; that I wouldn't be able to live with Joshua; that I already signed the lease and would still have to pay for it even though we couldn't live there; etc. So that's when the kind people of the south assured me that "water bugs" are completely common down here, and they're nothing to worry about. First, the man at the hotel. Then, the cleaning lady they sent over the next morning after I called at 8am, half hysterical. Then, the exterminator they sent over. Then, both ladies at the rental office. Then, the locals... and finally, my fellow Marine wives and girlfriends who have been living down here already.

So, fellow northerners... if you move to the south... don't freak out when you see a cockroach!!! Lucky for me, I've only seen one more since that first night. At my place. Tonight there was one at my friend's house, and she doesn't even live in the same town. Creepy little critters. Ew!

Other than that initial horrible first impression, it's been GREAT! I've been so busy since the day I got here, it's insane. The condo we're renting is fully furnished, but the owner's decor was simply hideous. So I spent a good half a day taking off all their bedspreads, pillows, decorations, whatever and throwing it into the extra closet. Along with their kitchen utensils, plates, gadgets, also whatever. I'm using all my own things.

Shopping has been fun. I bought two sofa covers for the living room and new comforters for both beds. Lots and lots of cleaning supplies... I spent a good four days moving every piece of furniture and deep cleaning after the roach scare! While my amazing mama was here, she helped me rearrange all the furnitire and make it more "livable." I'll post photos soon! Everything is done except for the master bedroom, which I'm still working on organizing. I'm setting up my desk and workstation in there so I can freelance and have my own space. So far, it's working out just fine.

I've been on base several times and shopped at the commissary! I actually loved it. I went mid-morning and there were no lines and minimal screaming children. I also went to the return & reunion brief for Joshua's battalion, which basically consisted of a bunch of wives bitching about everything that went wrong during deployment. Oh, Marine wives... such an interesting bunch!


  1. Roaches are one thing I am NOT looking forward to when I move down there! I probably would have freaked out too!!! Glad you got there and are settling in!

  2. How cool to live on the beach! And every region has their bugs. Back west, we get Junebugs. Awful little things.

  3. Oh yeah girl - welcome to the South :) lol! I hate those nasty things too!! UGH! What beach are yawl living at?

  4. When I was visiting my Mother in Law in SC we saw those things crawling up the screen porch and it freaked me out! *shudder* I would not like those things on a common basis at all....


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