07 September 2010

Master To-Do List

This is my first week OFF! My last week of work ended fantastically. I'll save that story for a whole post on its own. :-)

I'm taking this week and next week off, then I'm getting back to work via the 5 or 6 freelance assignments I already have lined up. I'm using this week to finish the monster to-do list I have before I leave New York, and I'm using the week after to move into my new place in North Carolina! I'm leaving Sunday evening (I always prefer to drive overnight to avoid traffic).

SO MUCH TO DO before then! Here is my list so I remain accountable. Things in bold are *in progress* and things striked through are completed.

1. clean/organize bedroom (it's a mess and needs serious organization right now— my desk, closet, jewelry armoire, etc.)
2. organize boxes in basement (when I moved home with my mom a year ago, all of my things were put into boxes in the basement— I have to go through all these boxes and repack what to take to NC & what to trash from previous apartments)
3. pack!!! (i have a master list for this too... it's pages long!)
4. send clothes to Good Will (my mom & I donate clothes on a regular basis... we have a lot!)
5. meet with florist (must discuss wedding flowers)
6. meet with event planner (must discuss table linens & chairback covers)
7. meet with DJ (must figure out who to book for the wedding)
8. update wedding binder (so I only have to bring my binder and a few wedding magazines, as opposed to dozens of loose papers/flyers & 2 years worth of magazines)
9. get car visor replaced (it randomly broke last week and won't stay up in my car! SO ANNOYING)
10. make hair appointment (highlights before homecoming! I will NOT go to a new stylist before my wedding)
11. visit Sue in Boston (my maid-of-honor recently had surgery and I must visit her before heading south... all day Thursday with my cousin Amanda)
12. photograph portfolio (all my work is in-store at the supermarket to I have to buy it all while I'm still in the area and professionally photograph it for my portfolio redesign)
13. return clothes to Victoria's Secret (all the dresses I ordered to find the perfect homecoming outfit! I ended up finding it at VS)
14. send claim for contacts to insurance (I ordered new contact lenses and I want to get reimbursed for them via my FSA before my insurance runs out)
15. update recipe binder (finishing adding mom's recipes)
16. burn backup CDs of photos (God forbid anything happened to my backup hard drive or iMac during the move)
17. load new music to iMac (not bringing any CDs with me, just my computer and iPod)
18. scan scrapbook layouts (leaving my many, many scrapbooks home... but I want to have a copy of the pages I've done on my computer)
19. Aunt Vicki's surprise birthday party (helping with the setup and will be there all day Saturday)
20. crepes with Alison & Liz (two of my co-workers and I tried to go last week but the crepery was closed! must go once more before I leave)
21. lunch with Beth & Josh (my boss and co-worker want to meet me for lunch one last time before I leave)
22. BJ's with Uncle Tom (my uncle just got a membership and I want to stock up on razors for Joshua before he's home)
23. Alison & Eric's party (Saturday night after my aunt's party... oh my)

Lucky for me, I have my mom to help with/encourage me to finish most of these things. Thank you, Mom!


  1. It's my first time stopping by your blog. Sounds like you will be a very busy girl over the upcoming weeks. I see you are moving to NC and marrying a Marine....I'm assuming Camp Lejeune? I hope you get everything done and have plenty of time to enjoy the city before moving down South! :) :)

  2. Oh my goodness you have a lot to do! I'm a big fan of #20 -- I loooove crepes!

  3. WOW! You're such a busy girl (as always).
    I feel so special to be on your to do list as a more "relaxed" to do thing on your list.
    Also, I can't wait to hear what the florist says!

  4. You have a lot to do but it will keep you busy and help the time fly! Your honey will be home soon :)


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