20 November 2010

December Daily 2010

I want to share with everyone a project I'm working on this December. It's hosted by Ali Edwards, an awesome scrapbooker, author, and all-around creative entrepreneur. I've been really into following crafty, creative blogs lately, and my Google Reader just keeps filling up with all these awesome and inspiring posts from all the great bloggers I've been finding.

Ali has a holiday tradition called December Daily. For details, check out her page here. It's an album project that documents the 25 days leading up to Christmas!

I'm excited about it because I need a creative outlet outside of the computer. I love scrapbooking, but I haven't had the time I'd like to put toward doing it and so this will be a nice way to make sure I do.

The first step is creating a "foundation album" for your December Daily. There are so many inspiring foundation albums posted on Ali's Flickr account here. It's recommended to set up your album prior to December so you're not creating it and filling it at the same time.

I personally do not have the time or materials to create a foundation album right now... with the business, freelancing, the website, the wedding, and the big move we have coming up (we're being restationed to Virginia!— another post on that at a later time).

So, I turned to another of my absolute favorite creative bloggers, Elise Blaha. Elise runs an Etsy shop and creates mixed paper books for all occasions. I'd been eyeing her Holiday Mixed Paper Book for some time now, and when I saw Ali's blog about the December Daily, I jumped at the chance and ordered one of Elise's books to use as my foundation for my own.

There are *almost* enough pages for me to dedicate one spread per day, but for the pages I need I'll be adding my own momentos and of course, lots of photos. You can check out Elise's original post on it here, as well as a peek into her process of making them here.

I was so excited when mine arrived, but I will admit it was smaller than I pictured it. It's 4x6, which I knew when ordering it, but for some reason I expected it to be a bit bigger. It's quite tiny, which I think will be okay because smaller pages are so much easier to fill. And the papers are so pretty that I don't even think I'll want to fill them!

This was also my first purchase from Etsy. What a cool place. I've been wanting to set up my own shop for awhile now, and I have lots of ideas of what to do with it... but for now, I've put that project on hold until 2011. First things first: finish my website!

If you decide to join me in creating your own December Daily, do let me know! I'll be posting photos of the finished album (and probably progress throughout) in December. Can't wait!

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