20 November 2010

Our New Favorite Toy!

I'm all about digital reading lately. Joshua and I purchased a brand spankin' new Nook Color from Barnes & Noble the other day, and I'm completely obsessed. You can get magazine subscriptions on it! It's awesome for magazine whores like myself... as my friends and family know, I have quite the obsession. My bookshelves and coffee table are always stacked high with magazines.

Nook doesn't have every magazine under the sun yet, but I have a feeling they will eventually. You can subscribe monthly or buy per issue, which is cool. So far, I've purchased 2 books and sampled 3 magazines. Joshua has gotten a few for himself as well. It's so great! And it's going green!

I haven't started reading the books yet because I have two paperback books I want to read first, but I've been reading the magazines and they're SWEET! Yay for environmentally friendly reading.

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