24 November 2010

What's on Dani's phone?

I almost always forget to save/share photos from my cell phone. I guess other people do, too, because there is a linkup going around to post photos from your cell phones! Join the linkup hosted by Jessica at the Lowe Family News! Here are some random pieces of my life, in no particular order:

{waiting at the Verizon store for my new Droid 2 to be activated}

{beer sampler at a brewery in Charleston}

{breakfast Joshua made & arranged for me one morning while I was working ♥}

{Halloween costume shopping @ the party store}

{at our beach to watch the sunset}

{silk flowers to get ideas for wedding centerpieces}

{she & he}

{waiting at Honda for my oil change}

{the mess that becomes my kitchen after grocery shopping}

{living room at Mom's house}

{road trip to South Carolina}

{engagement photos I received in the mail— & still have yet to post}

{just another day in paradise}

{busy farmer's market}

{watching TV with my love}


  1. ok. this is gonna sound so creepy and u prolly won't be my friend anymore..BUUUUUT. being back home away from base and away from my lover i don't see any marines and they're cute haircuts and when i looked at ur pictures my heart sunk into my stomach and i just wanted to hug ur lover because just seeing him made me feel safe and at home.

    how gay am i? i know. just defriend me now. how embarrassing.

    i just miss my marines. :( and especially MY marine.

    see u next week! (or maybe not?)


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