21 November 2010

Who Loves Free Music??

I do! Especially if it's legal! I'm all about supporting the artists, which is why I never download pirated music. Enjoy these freebies I found floating around the internet! All together, over 120 songs!

Become a fan of iTunes on Facebook, and you can download 10 free songs on the Austin City Limits 2010 sampler and 20 free songs on the Artists on the Rise 2010 sampler.

Download 13 free songs from Spin Magazine's December issue (exp 12/31) and 15 free songs from Spin Magazine's November issue (exp 11/30).

Download 8 free holiday country songs from People Magazine (exp 1/7/11).

Download 24 free songs from Urban Outfitters LSTN #11 sampler (exp 12/31).

Download 6 free holiday songs from Amazon's Timeless Christmas sampler.

Download 5 free holiday songs from Amazon's Sugo Holiday sampler.

My favorite of the free downloads I've found is a 20 song playlist by Sister Hazel at Amazon. I've loved Sister Hazel for probably a decade now... their acoustic rock/folk music is my favorite.


  1. I saw Sister Hazel at EPCOTs food and wine festival last year and they were aaaamazing.

  2. I'm the same way. I will NEVER use those free music sites to download free music. I think it's just wrong, and the quality is kind of crappy to boot. I heart my itunes. :))

  3. hey... Thanks for the comment. I hate you have had to deal with folks too, but I'm glad I'm not the only one. People are so crazy. See you after Turkey Day.


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