28 December 2010

Back to Scrappin'

Ugh. I've seriously been slacking with my scrapbooking. Here I thought, "Oh, I'll have so much time to work on my albums when I move to NC and start freelancing!" Right? Wrong. Oh, so wrong. When I'm not working on my website or current jobs, I'm perusing the internet and reading blogs. Serious addiction. Must put an end to it, soon.

Not. :-)

And then, when Joshua and I are home together, we're too busy making new memories for me to sit around scrapbooking old ones. Sigh. Yet there is still so much I want to scrapbook! Like our relationship, for one. The past three years of our lives together!

So this is what my scrapbook situation looks like now. I have all albums from high school (1999-2003) completed. I have a few pages of my sophomore year of college (2004), a few pages of when I moved to Cleveland (2007), and a few pages of my "Joshua" album done.

Rather than backtracking to 2003 when I started college, I want to scrapbook what's current while it's fresh in my mind... then I'll go back and do those other years. So I've started working on our travel album. This is how I want the scrapbook situation to end up:

  • Travel album— The first 2 1/2 years of our relationship were long distance, traveling state-to-state. I want this album to be all of those adventures.
  • The Story of Us album— Key moments of our relationship, from they day we met to milestones today.
  • USMC album— An album for Joshua of his deployments and Marine Corps events.
  • Wedding album— All things wedding, including the big day, once we're married.
  • Family album— Events with family.
  • Friends album— Events with friends.
I like my plan. This way, everything will be up-to-date and our future children and house guests will have fun things to look at someday. I'd also like to do separate Christmas and Halloween albums to break out with the decorations at that time of year... but that's not priority on my list right now.

Here are some snapshots of my last scrapbook session last month. It's the first page of our Travel album, of the first weekend we ever spent together in St. Augustine, Florida. Lots more pics for this event to share, but at least I got it started!


  1. I love your style! And girl, I am like 2 years behind in scrapbooking! I keep telling myself that once we get all moved and everything, I'll finally just buckle down and do it! Fingers-crossed that's what happens!

  2. Looks terrific! I keep meaning to do our wedding... and nearly 8 months later I got nothing!

  3. I think I'm like three years behind and I never do it because A- it takes creativity, and I lack it when it comes to visual art (lol), B- it costs money for things that I don't have C- It's so darn time consuming without having a set idea of what I want to do!!

    Yours looks wonderful, though! No surprise there! :)

  4. I've been wanting to scrapbook our wedding but I haven't had the time nor money to buy the stuff I want! ha ha


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