14 December 2010

Holiday Decorating

It's Christmas time in our household, and Joshua and I decorated together last weekend! I also "decorated" my blog for the holidays... including a new header with more of our engagement photos! It's actually inspired me to make a similar Christmas card to send out to family and friends... hmm, we shall see if time permits!

My love and I will be spending this Christmas alone here in North Carolina, just the two of us. We'd love to be able to see our families, but Joshua is in a course until the 21st of December, and then of course it's the month of the move! It will be our first and only Christmas here on the island. Yay!


  1. I love ALL the Christmas decorations - in the house and on the blog. :) You have fantastic style!

  2. I love the trees on the blog! And I love the lights on your twirly staircase!!!

  3. I love all the holiday decorating you have done! Both on the blog and in your house! We are also spending our first Christmas in North Carolina since we are moving very soon. :)

  4. I love your decorations (so jealous of that spiral stair case!) and the new layout. Very nice!


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