07 December 2010

Quantico, anyone!?

It's hard to believe that it's our last month here in our beautiful beach condo. It is though!

Joshua received orders for Quantico, VA this past summer when he re-enlisted in Afghanistan. But we're having trouble finding a place to live! Everything is either too far away or too expensive, and neither of us know the area well enough to know what to do.

We've been in contact with the housing office on base, and they're sending us a list of apartments to look at. We're still waiting on that... I'm getting a bit nervous though.

Does anyone have any suggestions on apartments or areas to look in the Quantico vicinity??? 


  1. We have been stationed at Quantico since July 2009. If you want to chit chat, feel free to email me your number at HByrne09@yahoo.com.


  2. I am not sure about specific apartment complexes, but you can look in the town of Stafford which is right near Quantico. When my husband was there for pre-deployment last year he lived on base, but driving around the town there were a lot of complexes throughout, even some decently priced houses! I thought (in my limited experience) that it was a pretty nice base, but then again I am used to DC!

  3. I hear Stafford, Va is nice! My sis-in-law lives in Fairfax, Va and works in D.C. She loves Fairfax!

  4. I have a good friend that used to live in Quantico, he was at the Belleau Wood Drive apartments in Triangle. I was only there a couple of times, but they were fairly nice apartments. I believe that it's a long shot from living in a beach condo, but, yano. ;-) They're REALLY close to base as well!

  5. how close do you want to live to base? alexandria and arlington are great...a little bit of a drive, but against traffic and you're close to all the fun dc stuff. stafford and dumfries are better for shorter commutes. good luck!


  6. HI!

    I just found your blog in a long complicated way through L.C. at Faith and Deployments.

    I work off the back side of Quantico in Stafford, and there are some lovely neighborhoods around here. Stafford is a lovely place to live, although the personal property taxes tend to be a bit higher. Fredericksburg is also close by and tends to be very busy city. Unfortunately there is lots of traffic all throughout the area, so that's pretty much unavoidable. I'd stick between Fredericksburg and Dumfries and aim for Stafford if you can afford it :)


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