04 January 2011

{Ten On Tuesday} Life Lately

I am already loving the heck out of 2011. Both Joshua and I have been so productive already this year. It feels great! Since right now is a BUSY time for us, here is a quick "10 on Tuesday" list of what's been up!
  1. I can't believe it, but GraphicGrace.com is launched! I got so much positive feedback from both family and friends (real life and blog life) and it just felt so good to finally do it! Now I'm looking forward to finding new clients and hopefully making this my full-time job for years to come.
  2. But not until we pack & move. Today, we started packing. It's not going to be too huge of an ordeal since the place we're living in is furnished, but it's still taking some time and organization. We've lived here since September!
  3. Once we finish packing up here in North Carolina this week, we're moving up north to Virginia! Our new apartment is gorgeous, and I am SO excited to move in!
  4. When we get to Virginia, we have to unpack our U-Haul and then go up to New York to get our furniture. All of my things as well as the things my mom is giving us is at the house. Couches, beds, dining room tables, the whole nine yards. Then we're U-Hauling it back down to Virginia.
  5. I took our friends Felice & Christian's engagement photos yesterday! They came out great and I cannot wait to share them!
  6. I scrapbooked the first two pages of our Christmas 2010 album, also part of the December Daily bit I was supposed to be working on last month, but never did. Will also be sharing these soon!
  7. Joshua and I have been obsessed with TV on DVD lately. We finished Season 1 of Spartacus, Season 1 of True Blood, and we're currently watching Season 1 of Dexter. They're our late night guilty pleasure. Love, love, love!
  8. Speaking of TV, tonight is the premiere of the Biggest Loser! I hear it's Jillian Michael's last season, so I will probably be watching! She's my favorite.
  9. I'm seeing all my close friends this week before we move. I'm going to miss these gals!
  10. My biggest, hugest, happiest obsession right now is PROJECT LIFE. Ohmygod, I'm so obsessed. I ordered it on a whim and told Joshua WE HAD TO HAVE IT to document all the important moments of our lives in 2011, since it's going to be SUCH an incredible year for us. It arrived late last night and we stayed up all night setting it up and filling in the first 3 days of the year! I love that he's into this with me, for me! Finally, an easy way to scrapbook that let's me be creative but is also fast. Perfect for my busy life!


  1. Have you ever watched Prison Break? My Husband & I have been watching the seasons on Netflix and we are IN LOVE! It's a REALLY good show!

  2. Yay Virginia! I love living here so I hope you all settle in soon. And your website looks fabulous (:

  3. Hey! Just wanted you to know that I stopped by and read some of your entries! Great blog! You two are a beautiful couple! :)

    -Kylee (perfect marine wife -OD)

  4. Gonna miss you, chica!! It was a blast hanging out the few times we did :) keep in touch!


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