28 January 2011

Meet Gypsy Rose

So I have a funny story to share. First off, Joshua and I were really excited that our new apartment allowed pets. We've wanted a puppy for awhile now, and we couldn't wait until we moved to a place that allowed them. With that said, we were planning on waiting a few months until we got settled in before getting one. Also, I had my heart set on getting a Westie... my family had Westies growing up and I was sure I wanted a little white Westie I could name Piper.

Now let's rewind to about two weeks ago, when Joshua and I first arrived in Virginia from North Carolina. We were dropping off our UHaul before heading to New York for the second part of our move. Wouldn't you know... the UHaul drop-off was also a pet store. Weird, right?

Joshua went to the register to return the keys to the UHaul and collect our receipt, while I wandered into the back to look at the puppies. I thought, "Hmm, maybe they'll have a Westie..."

Well. They didn't have a Westie. Instead, they had this beautiful little baby:
{Gypsy Rose}

Meet Gypsy Rose, the newest (and first) addition to our family! Gypsy is a 3.6 pound Chi Pin, or 1/2 Chihuahua, 1/2 Miniature Pinscher. She's a hybrid or "designer dog," meaning she was specifically bred with these two dogs to have the best characteristics of each. She's small like a Chihuahua, but strong and smart like a Mini Pinscher.

Basically, Joshua found me in the back of the pet store watching our future puppy tackling her brother in the crate. She was tiny and feisty, and so freakin' adorable! Our hearts melted and we took her out to pet and into the "play room" with us to see how she was... and the rest is history.

We're so in love!

It's so adorable seeing my big, strong Marine with this tiny, precious puppy. And he just loves her. He plays with her, takes her for walks, teaches her to climb steps, holds her under his coat to keep her warm... it's seriously one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

{First trip to PetSmart}

{Hanging out at Mom's house}

{My tiny little puppy}

{All bundled up and headed out into the cold}

{Pink fleece... to keep her warm!}

{Our little family}

{Gypsy loves her bed!}


  1. Oh my gosh - she's adorable!!!! And so teeny!

  2. Soooooooo cute!!!!!!!
    Just be prepared for it to take a bit to get her potty trained. Both Chi's and Min Pins are notorious for taking a while to learn that pottying is to be done outside. :-)

  3. adorable! don't you love how big, tough men act around little puppies?

  4. She's so stinkin' cute! It is funny to see a big strong military man have his heart melted by his pet...Nate is the same way with our cat! :-)


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