11 January 2011

11 in 2011 | January Update

{Take for your blog!}
Hello friends! Can you believe it's already the 11th of January? I can't! That means it's time to update my progress on my 11 goals for 2011 already. Wow! But first things first...

Sorry I've been MIA all month. But right now, Joshua and I are in the midst of packing and moving our lives to Virginia. So everything has been all over the place as we go from North Carolina to Virginia and New York to Virginia gathering all of our furniture and possessions and putting them all in one place!

Also, please excuse the appearance of my blog. I realize it's still a mess of Christmas trees and sparkle, but until I can take a few minutes to redesign everything, you still get to experience all the holiday joy it brings to your screen... haha.

Alright, now! Onto my first 11 in 2011 update!

1. FASHION | Find my personal style and be more fashionable.
  • I've definitely been making so much more of an effort to be fashionable this month! Aside from the days we've been packing and moving, I've been setting aside the extra time each day to really plan out my outfit and find my own style! I started out by ringing in the new year in a cute new skirt and top from the Gap, black tights, brown ankle boots, and a colorful bracelet that felt a lot like "me." I'm also 3/4 of the way done with Lauren Conrad's Style book and picking up lots of tips from it!
2. DIET | Reach my goal weight.
  • Slacking. We've been on the road so much that I've been eating crappy and consequently feeling crappy. This one is so hard for me. I love the Weight Watchers program, but I need to find a new meeting center in Virginia and get back on track.
3. LOVE | Plan for & have the perfect wedding.
  • In progress! While Joshua and I are here in New York to pack up our furniture and the rest of my things, we've made three appointments for wedding planning... a company to rent chair covers, napkins, table cloths, and table runners from; a florist; and the venue planner to discuss our menu and other wedding details.
4. BUSINESS | Launch my design business.
5. BLOG | Redesign & upkeep my blog.
  • Slacking. I had a whole new, pretty design planned out and ready to upload, but it was all tailored toward my design website and since I decided to keep the two separate (thank you so much for your opinions on this, by the way), I now have to redo it all and figure out how I want to decorate around here!
6. EXERCISE | Work out 3x a week, minimum.
  • Week 1, check! On Monday, Joshua and I went for a run. On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I ran up and down a billion flights of stairs carrying heavy heavy boxes while we moved our things from one state to another! That so counts as workouts.
  • Week 2, in progress. We'll be moving all of our furniture from state to state this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so we'll we how that goes and if I can squeeze in any additional workouts!
7. MONEY | Spend less, save more.
  • So hard to do while moving. Honestly, we have not been doing a good job at this as a couple. So yeah... slacking. Needs improvement!
8. TIME MANAGEMENT | Be 5 minutes early. Everywhere.
  • I've actually been doing this! Okay, so I haven't been a full 5 minutes early, but I've definitely been early and not late anymore! I was 4 minutes early to a photo shoot last week, 3 minutes early to meet friends for lunch, and 2 minutes early to my hair appointment today. Seriously people, this is me doing well.
9. SCRAPBOOK | Get up to date with j&d scrapbooks.
  • Our lives in 2011 are up-to-date thanks to Project Life! Whoo hoo! It's my favorite thing ever!
10. KINDNESS | "Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty."
  • I can't pinpoint anything I've done worthy of this resolution in the past 11 days, other then donating some clothes and shoes to Salvation Army. That isn't really what I had in mind when I made this goal though, so I'll work on improving it.
11. KEEP IN TOUCH | Regularly update email, photos, Facebook, & website.
  • It's been tough the last week or so with the move, but I've been taking photos daily for Project Life and updated Facebook with New Years pics already. Working on it!
I'm updating this from my mom's laptop and in the midst of boxes, papers, and lots of distractions, but next time when I'm home and updating my 11 in 2011 from my own computer, I'll include photos!


  1. Awesome! I like reading about your progress! Keep at it!!! Good luck with your move!

  2. Good luck with your move! Hopefully, we will get together when you get here! Oh, and I know some great Weight Watcher clinics. (My friend speaks at the meetings- and I have been a couple of times, lol) Love the program, lost 15 pounds back in 2008 before the hubs came home from deployment. :)

    Good luck with the move!

  3. What a great list of goals! Specific enough to stay on-track, general enough to allow room to grow over the year. I'm with you on the fashion/diet thing. I'm still working on my own sense of style (although since moving to Texas I think I can continue with my "jeans and random top" usual outfit. :) I just need some boots!) And we are still "recovering" from almost 3 solid weeks of eating out due to the holidays and traveling. I love not cooking but I love MORE not being all gross and bloated from restaurant food.

  4. I just found your blog. It's super cute, and I look forward to following you!

  5. Hey whenever you get settled in the next couple of months... I would love some help with my blog layout :) :) .... no rush. Enjoy your time with your hubby :)

  6. Okay, I need a new post. I think tomorrow you should dedicated an entire blog post about how great I am and how blessed you are as a person that I was born in the world 26 years ago tomorrow around 8 pm and we are friends. Thanks.

    That would be the BEST birthday present EVER :-)


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