11 February 2011

Google Does Weddings!

Hey guys... Okay, so I realize it isn't Wednesday, but this just couldn't wait. I'm in total awe of this, and I think it's pretty sweet! Yesterday, Google announced Google Weddings. For real? Yes. Yes indeed.

You can make your own wedding website & upload photos, which is pretty typical of most wedding planning sites, but... the Google Docs wedding tools are by far the coolest. It does all the math for you, and offers a lot more planning tools then most wedding planning sites already out there. Love, love, love.

I will for sure be using some of these tools in the last few stages of my planning.

Alright, I promise... enough with the wedding stuff for now... I know things here have been all about weddings lately and I'll try to change the subject soon.

I just. Can't. Help it.

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  1. That is really exciting!!! I've been having issues planning my own wedding, so this is perfect!


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