16 March 2011

Meet Lady Luck

We interrupt this broadcast Wedding Wednesday post to bring to you the newest member of our little family... meet Lady!

Lady is 7 1/2 weeks, 4 pounds, and a West Highland White Terrier (Westie). We wanted a playmate for Gypsy, and silly us... we thought it would be better to raise 2 puppies at once to get all the potty training out of the way now, instead of having to do it all separately. Ha!

Needless to say, these little monsters have been keeping me quite busy. All day long. They're darlings, but they're still learning how to get along. And Lady likes to poo and pee a lot. And cry... a lot. Little did we know, we had it easy with Gypsy! They're only 3 months apart.

Oh puppies! We love our growing little family of four... but we both agree, so glad it's puppies and not babies! Not for a couple years, at least. ;-)

Once I get things under control in our house and catch up with my workload, I'll be back to post some more! ♥


  1. OMG I had two puppies at the same time too, the same age. I would NEVER do that again. I love my pups and it was so worth it because they really are awesome, but it's just A LOT A LOT A LOT of work. phew. I am tired just thinking about it. LOL.

  2. They are so cute! Good luck to you!! I am dying for a dog, but my husband wants a big dog and our apartment is not right for a big dog. We will have to wait until we have a house. And your right, puppies definitely are easier than babies. We are thinking we need to learn to take care of a plant first, and then a dog, and THEN a baby. Lol.

  3. Awww she's so cute! Well they both are. Good luck potty training.

  4. So cute, but I think a baby would be so much easier than two puppies! LOL!

    Found you through milspouse link-up.


  5. They are adorable!! But I can't imagine having two puppies at one time. Whew!! Makes me tired just thinking about it.

  6. aww a westie! Our really close friends just got a westie and he is quite the character

    Our dogs are only 3 months apart so we too raised 2 puppies at once. They are both 2 now and still act like little puppies...sometimes awesome sometimes not so much :)


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