09 March 2011

Registry Wish List

{Lenox Simply Fine Chirp 4-Piece Place Setting}
With my bridal shower fast approaching, Joshua and I have been tidying up our registry at Bed Bath & Beyond. Let me just say, registering is soooo overwhelming. I kid you not. I don't even know how people register at more than one store. My bridesmaids scolded me on not having enough items, so we went back and registered for more. And more. And then some more. Now we have 175 items, whoo hoo! And a guest list of 120.

In case some of you brides-to-be find registering equally intimidating... or for those of you who just like shopping for pretty things... here are a handful of my favorites that Joshua & I registered for. It will be exciting to see if we receive any of these items. And if we don't... we just may be going on a little shopping spree of our own.

My first favorite thing that we registered for is this Lenox set of fine china, above. I love the colors, love the birds, love everything about it! I can picture us having intimate dinners together with this set, and hosting large family suppers for holidays and special occasions. I'm just so in love with the print... I even registered for the entire bathroom ensemble that matches!

{Lenox Simply Fine Chirp Fabric Shower Curtain}

Next on the list, we are in desperate need of pots and pans! In my last few apartments, I had hand-me-downs from my family. When I moved home for a year to save some money, I gave it all to other family members in need of it... namely, my cousin and brother. When Joshua & I moved in together, we bought a cheap (I'm talking $14 on clearance) pots & pans set at Target... it's completely awful. The pans are misshapen, the lids don't fit, everything cooks unevenly... ugh. Having this set from Calaphon would be quite lovely:
{Simply Calaphon Non-Stick 10-Piece Cookware Set}

Next up: cutlery. Who doesn't love a nice set of knives? Right now, we're using a Target set my Daddy Dearest bought for me when I moved to Cleveland after college. It's quite good, and has lasted me the past 4 years, but it in no way compares to or has all the bells and whistles that this Henckels cutlery set does. It's so expensive, but so beautiful. Definitely would last us from now until eternity!
{Henckels Four Star II 7-Piece Cutlery Set}

Ohmygosh, how I'd ever love a KitchenAid Mixer. Yes, they are huge and take up so much counter/cabinet space. But they're so useful! Especially since I love to bake... so awesome! I went back & forth deciding if I wanted a red one or a pink one. Joshua made an awesome point that I'll be the only one using it, so I can really get whatever color I'd like. We have red appliances in our kitchen now, but I don't intend to keep the mixer out on the counter. So pink could/will work. And it's so feminine & pretty! What color would you choose?
{KitchenAid 5-Quart Artisan Stand Mixer}

I love wooden utensils. This Calaphon set would be awesome and not scratch our pots & pans! A good wooden set doesn't get icky and lasts forever, too. We're asking for these and a set of wooden spoons!
{Calaphon Turner Wood 3-Piece Utensil Set}

Ever since making quesadillas with my aunt, uncles, and cousins back in New York, I've wanted the quesadilla maker they had. It's so easy to use and makes perfect quesadillas! I can just picture making them together with Joshua, and someday... with our kids. :-)
{El Paso Chile Company Quesadilla Maker}

My love Joshua is obsessed with this Dial-A-Drink cocktail shaker. It has a recipe dialer that turns to tell you the exact ingredients for a bunch of different drinks, including Whiskey Sours, Cosmopolitans, Manhattans.
{Dial-A-Drink Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker}

Seriously, isn't this the prettiest trifle bowl you ever did see? I have some great recipes that would look just beautiful in this. I can just imagine serving desserts to company from it... all layered and lovely and super delicious.
{Anchor Hocking Trifle Bowl}

Another of Joshua's favorite registry items is this flatware set. It goes with the awesome bamboo dinnerware set we want that is no longer available at Bed Bath & Beyond (but we bought 1 of the 2 sets we need when it was on clearance, and we will be purchasing the other from JCPenney's as soon as we can!). I think the knife is ridiculous and silly, but my mom says I need to "let him win" sometimes and get the set he wants. So hopefully for Joshua, this will be it!
{Cambridge Silversmiths Larch Satin 45-Piece Flatware Set}

So as of right now, we have a full-size bed. But our plans for after the wedding are to move that bed into our guest room, and get a queen size bed for our room. We picked out the most beautiful comforter set & pillows for this future dream room of ours. It's both masculine & feminine, and oh-so-luxurious.
{Chevalier Queen Comforter Set}

And of course, a couple of beautiful new sheet sets for our future bed! This black damask set is my favorite. Black sheets are just sexy. Really.
{Wamsutta 500 Damask Sheet Set}

Have you ever had a registry? What were some must-haves on yours? If you're making a registry, what are you putting on it? I'm ever so curious. :-)


  1. We have those wooden spoons!! I LOVE them!! They're one of the best things EVER! I have just a couple other utensils that I use because, lets face it... no wooden utensil is going to flip an egg.. ;-)

  2. If you don't get the quesedilla maker, you can have ours! We have never used it!

  3. I loved registering! We had both been living with our parents and literally had no housewares at all, so it really was like Christmas. We went a little crazy and registered for some silly stuff, too, but it was so fun!

  4. everything is lovely. And once again, our similar tastes are seen... i sooo wanted that china setting when I was registering!! now I want the bathroom set!!! omg. it's adroable.

  5. Our registry was soooo needed as we were basically starting from scratch! I had some miss matched dishes and pots from college and Ryan lived in the barracks, so yea we needed everything! Even things I didn't really think of but realized fast... trash cans, plunger, scrubbers, and other things.

    We didn't put a food processor on our registry and ended up with three. Same with blenders! We had to get a vacuum pretty badly too. You seem to have your bases covered though... bedroom, dishes, bathroom, and quesadillas/alcohol!


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