22 April 2011

Spring Swap!

I know I owe a major update since my bridal shower & bachelorette... and I promise that is coming soon! I've been super swamped ever since we got home with work, puppies, cleaning, house guests, doctor & vet appointments, etc. BUT I had to come share something quickly before I take off on a 7+ hour road trip home to New York for Easter!

I signed up to participate in Nicole's Spring Swap last month, and I received my swap gift yesterday in the mail from Bonnie at The "Sometimes Single" Mom! Bonnie & her family are stationed in Germany, and I loved that she included such special German items in her gift.

So my gift included a watering can, a tea light set, a gardening book, a flower box, German chocolates, and one last thing I'm not sure what it is. It's hand sewn and is a long, fabric tube. Bonnie, help?!

The frogs are so cute! The watering can spout must have broken off in transit, so hopefully some superglue will seal it so I can use it to start a mini garden out on our balcony. :-)

I love my gift and I'm so happy to have participated in the swap! Bonnie's gift is in the mail... the day the gifts were due out was also the day of my bridal shower in New York, so my gift was sent out a bit late. Sorry Bonnie, it's in the mail and you should be getting it very soon if you haven't already!

I'll be back sometime this weekend to update. My love is out training new Lieutenants in combat tactics for the next week... I miss him already!

To see other swap gifts, check out Nicole's link up here.


  1. I did get mine today :D :D The hand sewn thingy is a camera strap cover for when you get your DSLR ;) I'm so glad you like everything, and if you can't get the sprout thing to stay on, I can go pick up a new one and bubble wrap it so it doesn't break again. I highly dislike how USPS is so careless with packages sometimes :(

  2. I'm so happy that you two got each other in the swap! AWESOME stuff!!!

  3. That's a great package!

    Thanks for linking up:)


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