19 May 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

On May 10th I celebrated my 26th birthday. I am officially 26 years old... officially in the "mid-to-late" twenties range. Officially closer to 30 than 20. Eek... so not cool!

So May has been quite the busy month! Ready for the highlights?

One day I went to a "Welcome Aboard Lunch" with Joshua's battalion CO & CO's wife. That's CO as in— the Commanding Officer. Yeah. He came to our little lunch table to say hi with his wife, and I didn't stand up in time when he shook my hand. I didn't stand up to shake the CO's hand! Milspouse FAIL. At least I stood up to shake his wife's hand....?

I finally finished our wedding invitations and sent them out! What a relief. I celebrated by taking myself out to Panera and seeing "Something Borrowed." Joshua helped quite a bit too, fastening the belly bands, stuffing the envelopes, and sealing them— my least favorite part. But they are DONE and I could not be happier! Will post photos once I get the RSVP's back.

I road tripped down to North Carolina to visit Felice before her fiancé got back from deployment. We went to the beach and she took me out for my birthday. Our friend Debbie surprised me and met us out too. We also stopped by base so I could meet up with one of our groomsmen and give him his invite. In some ways, going back did make me miss North Carolina. Enough to say I could move back there, if Joshua is ever restationed. But not enough to say I like it more than Virginia. I love Virginia!

I came home on my birthday, and Joshua surprised me by baking a cake. Yes, he actually baked me a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. It was so sweet. He also gave me a beautiful card and a heart-shaped white gold & diamond ring. It's so gorgeous... and I'm so spoiled.

This was in addition to the rose gold Michael Kors watch he gave me last week as an early gift... I'm in lust with it! I've wanted this rose gold watch forever... and I didn't even ask for it, he just remembered! What a keeper. ;-)

Lady Luck had a vet appointment and finally got her rabies shot and a few other puppy shots. Gypsy has become such a handful... she's hyper all the time. At least Lady listens to me. Gypsy only listens to Joshua. She's a monster child!

I picked up my bridesmaid dress for my girl Nikki's wedding (in October). Joshua and I had a very late horror movie night last night after he finished some assignments for school. Did I mention he's taking online courses? Science. It's actually really difficult. I do not miss those days of school.

Saturday, we slept in super late, made cheddar bacon waffles, ran some errands, and saw Bridesmaids in the theater. It was awesome! Then, Joshua left at 5am on Sunday morning to go to the field all week. Sigh. He's been gone since then and comes home today... just in time for me to leave and go to Pennsylvania for my brother's college graduation!

I'm hoping he can meet us up there. We shall see! Happy Thursday, friends!

16 May 2011

My Bridal Shower

Last month, my bridesmaids threw me an absolutely beautiful bridal shower! It was held at a cute little Italian restaurant near where my family lives in Upstate New York, one that my family has been going to for years, and it has the best food ever.

Everything about the shower, aside from the date & time, was a surprise to Joshua and I. Since we traveled up from Virginia together, and he hasn't spent as much time as he'd like with my family & friends, I asked that Joshua be a part of the entire shower with me. I'm so happy my bridesmaids were more than pleased and included him in all the games and festivities with us!

My bridesmaid Megan made the beautiful fabric pendant banner in the first photo above. The theme the girls came up with for the shower was chocolate... because let's face it, anyone that knows me knows I'm a chocaholic.

The girls filled the flower vases with Hershey's kisses, and my maid-of-honor Sue made custom labels with our photo and wedding date for a basket of chocolate bars.

 The girls got my absolute favorite red velvet cupcakes from Boston.

The centerpieces were three small candles on a tray of mini chocolate chips!

The gift table was ridiculous, and we received so many of the items we wished for on our registry... including the pink KitchenAid (a gift from all the bridesmaids), the comforter set, sheets, towels, pots & pans, every single set of alcoholic beverage glasses we registered for, the trifle bowl, the flatware set... the list goes on! It was amazing.

Every detail of the shower was perfectly planned out an executed, thanks to my beautiful bridesmaids and mom! The little "Happily Ever After" frame above was also made by Megan (she's so crafty!) and included our wedding date.

The girls also collected photos of all the invited guests, and Sue put together a sparkly silver scrapbook for everyone to sign as a keepsake guest book for me! Chocolate and scrapbooks, could it really get any better than that?

We visited with family we hadn't seen in awhile, and ate buffet style. A few guests couldn't come last minute, so my cousin Nicky and my brother Sean came and celebrated with us in their places. It was nice having them there!

After we ate, the shower games began! We played Bridal Bingo as we opened the gifts, and then a really clever game about how well we know each other. Joshua and I were each told to sit in chairs back-to-back across the room from each other. We were each given 2 dolls... one to represent each of us. We were then asked questions, like "Who is the biggest slob?," or "Who spends more time on their phone?," and we had to raise the doll for whichever answered the question. For each question we answered right, we moved our chairs closer and closer until our backs were against each other and we kissed! It was awesome... and we answered every question correctly. :-)

We all mingled for awhile and the girls made a ribbon bouquet from the gift bows for me to carry at our rehearsal next month.

In between the games and eating, I read anonymous memories from a memory box that guests had to write when they arrived at the shower, and I had to guess whose memory it was. Such a sweet idea, and I got to keep the box and all the memories to add to my scrapbook! My mom also helped with the shower arrangements... that's here above, with Joshua & I.

Here you have the wonders behind all the festivities! These are my best friends and bridesmaids... Amanda, Sue, Megan, Felice, and Nikki. I'll be doing a special post soon all about my girls.

All in all, my shower was an absolutely wonderful experience and I couldn't have asked for anything more! Ladies, if you're reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the day so special. I love you all so much.

(Photos courtesy of Megan, Sue, Nikki, and my brother's girlfriend Meghan.)

05 May 2011

Counting Down

I am officially locking myself in my office until our wedding invitations are completed & sent out! In the meantime... I made this for my Facebook profile photo. Sneak peak to what my invites entail? Maybe!

P.S. 44 days to go!

02 May 2011

Raising the Flag

Hello blog land! Checking in to let you all know I'm still alive and well. April was such a busy month for Joshua & I, and since I didn't have much of a chance to blog, I've decided start May off with a few posts focused on the highlights of the past month before moving into May (which is of course my birthday month and favorite month of the year)! :-)

April started off with my handsome Marine volunteering to raise the flag for the grand opening weekend of Kings Dominion theme park. Being from up north, I'd never heard of Kings Dominion, but because of his volunteer work we were given two free tickets and free meal tickets!

I was so proud of Joshua in his blues, during the ceremony, and throughout the flag raising. It's so awesome to become more and more accustomed to this military way of life. The longer I'm apart of it, the more I understand and appreciate it.


I went both Saturday and Sunday to support Joshua and his fellow Marines. I loved watching them practice before the park opened up. I loved seeing everyone stop what they were doing to listen to the beautiful singing of the National Anthem and flag raising. I loved everything about it!

We'll be going back one day soon to try out the park. We can't wait!