19 May 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

On May 10th I celebrated my 26th birthday. I am officially 26 years old... officially in the "mid-to-late" twenties range. Officially closer to 30 than 20. Eek... so not cool!

So May has been quite the busy month! Ready for the highlights?

One day I went to a "Welcome Aboard Lunch" with Joshua's battalion CO & CO's wife. That's CO as in— the Commanding Officer. Yeah. He came to our little lunch table to say hi with his wife, and I didn't stand up in time when he shook my hand. I didn't stand up to shake the CO's hand! Milspouse FAIL. At least I stood up to shake his wife's hand....?

I finally finished our wedding invitations and sent them out! What a relief. I celebrated by taking myself out to Panera and seeing "Something Borrowed." Joshua helped quite a bit too, fastening the belly bands, stuffing the envelopes, and sealing them— my least favorite part. But they are DONE and I could not be happier! Will post photos once I get the RSVP's back.

I road tripped down to North Carolina to visit Felice before her fiancé got back from deployment. We went to the beach and she took me out for my birthday. Our friend Debbie surprised me and met us out too. We also stopped by base so I could meet up with one of our groomsmen and give him his invite. In some ways, going back did make me miss North Carolina. Enough to say I could move back there, if Joshua is ever restationed. But not enough to say I like it more than Virginia. I love Virginia!

I came home on my birthday, and Joshua surprised me by baking a cake. Yes, he actually baked me a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. It was so sweet. He also gave me a beautiful card and a heart-shaped white gold & diamond ring. It's so gorgeous... and I'm so spoiled.

This was in addition to the rose gold Michael Kors watch he gave me last week as an early gift... I'm in lust with it! I've wanted this rose gold watch forever... and I didn't even ask for it, he just remembered! What a keeper. ;-)

Lady Luck had a vet appointment and finally got her rabies shot and a few other puppy shots. Gypsy has become such a handful... she's hyper all the time. At least Lady listens to me. Gypsy only listens to Joshua. She's a monster child!

I picked up my bridesmaid dress for my girl Nikki's wedding (in October). Joshua and I had a very late horror movie night last night after he finished some assignments for school. Did I mention he's taking online courses? Science. It's actually really difficult. I do not miss those days of school.

Saturday, we slept in super late, made cheddar bacon waffles, ran some errands, and saw Bridesmaids in the theater. It was awesome! Then, Joshua left at 5am on Sunday morning to go to the field all week. Sigh. He's been gone since then and comes home today... just in time for me to leave and go to Pennsylvania for my brother's college graduation!

I'm hoping he can meet us up there. We shall see! Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Very pretty ring, and adorable pups!

  2. Busy time! Wow! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    That ring is stunning. Good job Joshua!

    What did you think of Something Borrowed? I love the book, I thought the movie was pretty true to it.

    Stay busy, tim will fly (:

  3. And of course by time, I mean time...

  4. Awww your doggies are so cute! And happy belated birthday! I'm a relatively new follower! Stop by my blog sometime if you'd like!

    Casey @ We Took The Road Less Traveled

  5. Sounds like you had a GREAT birthday! The month of May always seems to be crazy no matter where you are/what you have planned.

  6. Wow, what a birthday!
    Sounds great.

  7. Happy Birthday! Im glad you had a wonderful day :)


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