02 July 2011

And Away They Go

It's crazy how quickly one can lose blog followers... if you don't keep up with it, your readers go "buh-bye!" I'm still debating what to do with my blog. Trying to find the right path for me, without making life too complicated. We shall see where that goes.

I have dozens upon dozens of wedding photos from friends & family that I'm sorting through and hoping to share here soon! I also get the photographer's photos back in a month. CANNOT WAIT for that! Whoo hoo!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with today's favorite photo:

Have a happy holiday weekend!


  1. Do people stop following if you don't write for a while? Darn. LOL. I haven't been writing, like REALLY writing, in weeks. I've posted some small updates and information about photography things, but... beyond that, not much. Oh well. I'm here to stay, and I really like your wedding picture! Congratulations! You looked beautiful! Gorgeous dress, too. (And the swords make it look like a fairy tale. We didn't have those at our wedding. There wasn't enough time.) :)

  2. I love that photo! You look beautiful. I've always been a follower of yours but I rarely ever leave comments, so this is me coming out of hiding to say an official hello :)

  3. Congrats girly, you looked beautiful!! :) And for awhile I couldnt read your blog at all, it said I didnt have permission, so that could be why you lost some. I hope you have a great day! :)

  4. Yeah, it locked me out for a bit too. Still here, though, and not going anywhere! :) I LOVE that picture! We are doing that at our wedding, too! Or hoping to anyway ~ the fiance's working on it! :)



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