20 July 2011

Missed Moments

Completely un-wedding related, here are some "missed moments" from the past few months that I want to share to illustrate just how fun/crazy/busy/stressful/lovely my life really is. It's times like these that keep me from blogging... but I think that's a good thing, because otherwise life would be pretty boring!

Mini vaycay to Emerald Isle with Felice for my 26th (eek!) birthday
Hello, wifey!

Matching mother-daughter Vera purses as a birthday gift from my Mama
Mine is red, obviously!

Boat shoe shopping— now all we need is the boat ;-)

Car crash— and a month without my car pre-wedding
So stupid

Dinner & fresh flowers at home
Nom nom nom

Potluck dinners with new friends in our new state

My "little" brother's college graduation
2 years younger, 6+ inches taller?

Deciding to send Gypsy to live with my Mama for a bit
Sniff, sniff :-(

Hosting lots of barbecues and parties as a couple

VIP passes to the Memorial Day concert in Washington DC
We was on the TV!

Finding an awesome new Mexican restaurant
And Sue visiting us from Boston

Receiving (& using!) my pink KitchenAid mixer for our bridal shower

Weekend away together in Norfolk

New outfits for our puppy fashionistas
Studded skulls & crossbones, anyone?

Getting "upgraded"... an early wedding gift from amazing Husband

Road trippin' to and from New York with the girls

Another of my designs finally making it to the supermarket

Framing/hanging art we've been meaning to frame since January 
Procrastination, much? :-)

Having a Scentsy party and getting over $100 of product for only $34!
I {heart} a good smelling apartment

Starting next week, I'm going to start doing my "Wedding Wednesday" posts again (yay!) to recap our wedding and share all the ideas and details with you that I couldn't share before so I wouldn't ruin the surprise for our guests.

Note to self: Next time, let's try to share more moments closer to when they happen, shall we?


  1. Great pictures! I have the same Norman Rockwell! He's my favorite!

  2. Um, that ring is gooooorgeous! :)

  3. Looks like lots of cool things have been going on besides the wedding. Love the skull and crossbone shirts.

  4. Sweet photos and I love your blog! :)

  5. Great pictures. I am a new follower!


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