28 July 2011

A Week in the Web

Phew, back home at last! I spent the last week up in New York visiting my mama (and dropping off Gypsy to stay with her a bit— we'll be a one-dog family for awhile now), then in New Jersey for Felice's bachelorette party & bridal shower! I'll be sharing photos soon-ish.

So although I haven't had much time to write (work & business to attend to since I've been home), I have been keeping up with my blog reading, and these are my top picks of interesting/cool/touching/fun blog posts I've read recently. Thought you might enjoy while I spend the day unpacking (and sick in bed, sniffle sniffle).

+ New website with beauty tips & tutorials from Lauren Conrad & Co!
+ A really, really creative & thoughtful video a girl made for her deployed Marine.
+ An awesome post about self-image and loving the body you're in.
+ Cool ideas to help emotional organization & being healthy sans the gym.
+ A military spouse's biggest fear... two weeks before her husband was supposed to return.
+ My newest favoritest blog from a twenty-something on blogging like a pro.
+ Fashion find! What to wear to fairs & festivals.
+ An awesome tip on travel photography that I will be trying on my next trip!
+ Borders is going out of business: I picked up this book last week I can't wait to read!


  1. I hard a hard time posting a comment today on your blog for some reason... hmm anyways.

    we all understand that life gets in the way. :)

  2. Aw Dani I am so sorry to hear that your doggy is living away from your for the time being!! They are your babies! I could not live without mine!!


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