13 August 2011

Pinterest: The Funnies

Firstly, thank you all for the incredibly awesome comments on my new blog design. They are much appreciated and I feel really good about where things are headed!

Secondly... are any of you on Pinterest? I'm obsessed, thanks to my good friends Val and Megan. And I know some people call it a "time waster," but I call it collecting research. And let me tell you something— I spend a lot of time collecting research!

I figured, what better a way to wrap up the week than by joining Mrs. G.I. Joe for a weekly Pinterest roundup? I have a bunch of boards, so this week I'm just going to share some images that make me giggle from my Funnies pin board. Giggle away! 

Source: etsy.com via Dani on Pinterest

Source: weheartit.com via Dani on Pinterest

Source: weheartit.com via Dani on Pinterest

Source: twitpic.com via Dani on Pinterest

Source: cafepress.com via Dani on Pinterest

Source: svpply.com via Dani on Pinterest

Oh, and if you're at all confused about the whos and whats of Pinterest, check out this great blog post I found via Google... Pinterest: A Beginner's Guide. She explains it all really well! 

But my fave definition when people ask what the heck it is? A virtual bulletin board. 

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  1. Thanks for linking to My Week On Pinterest!

    Oh my gosh I really needed a good laugh this morning. Those are hilarious! I have seen the skeleton baby bump shirt before and really want it for myself this year. But the Facebook one is soooo true! haha

    Have a beautiful week!


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