16 August 2011

PROJECT: Pink & Orange Bridal Shower Invites

Let me start by saying that I am SO excited to see that people are interested in my first ever giveaway! We already have 10 entries, how great is that? Be sure to enter if you're in the mood for a new blog design!

Next up: a project update! Immediately following my wedding, I got right to work on not one, but two of my bridesmaids' weddings. Felice is tying the knot on August 26th, and Nikki is getting married on October 8th. I'm the maid-of-honor for Felice and a bridesmaid for Nikki, and both have entailed lots of fun designing to do for two very different themes.

This week I'd like to show you the bridal shower invitations I whipped up for Nikki's shower. The theme? Hot pink & orange gerber daisies!

For Nikki's invites, I did two color versions. Guests either received a hot pink or orange envelope and the opposite color for the invitation. Each was hand-tied with a silky green ribbon. 

I also hand-stamped and embossed the daisies on both the envelopes and invites, then colored each with special pigmented markers. Embossing is a time consuming process, but once I got the idea for the stamp, I couldn't let it go!

The bridal party also decided to send out recipe cards with each invitation for guests to share their favorite recipe with the bride-to-be. I designed them to coordinate with the rest of the stationery.

The shower itself was beautiful. I'll be sharing photos soon of all the handmade details the bridal party & friends helped put together. First though, I must send the photos to the bride!


  1. Beautiful! I love the idea of doing recipe cards.

  2. You are so freakin creative! can you please pass some of that on to me?!

  3. best shower invites ever! love u!


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