24 August 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Dress, Part I

All right, you lovelies. It's time to tell you the story of my wedding dress.

Once upon a time, I was watching the news and saw a story about free wedding gowns for military brides. I immediately jumped on the website, saw that there weren't any locations giving away gowns near me, and then saw that I could apply online and win a gown if I were one of the first 100 applicants. 

Imagine my surprise when I got the email back, saying I was one of the first 100 and I would be receiving a wedding gown! 

All I had to do was send in my measurements, photos of the style dresses I liked, and proof that Joshua was active duty and had served in either Iraq or Afghanistan. I also had to pay shipping once the dress was selected.

And this part, you'll never believe. Do you know what day I got the call that my dress was chosen, and would be shipping out to me? The day Joshua deployed to Afghanistan. Isn't that nuts? Amidst all the goodbyes, tears, and fearing that he'd never come home... hearing that a dress had been selected for me made my day!

As a romantic, I'd obviously been dreaming about my wedding dress from the day I was old enough to realize what a wedding was. So selecting styles of gowns that I was interested in was the best part of the process. I knew I wanted it strapless, layered, possibly with different tiers, not too poofy, simple but with a little glitz... anyway, these are the photos I sent to the contest, giving them ideas of the gowns I was interested in.

The two in the center are the ones I was most obsessed with. The center left image is a Kleinfeld Exclusive by Pnina Tornai (Style 31574544). The center right image is by Pronovias (Style Olga). This style is discontinued but similar Pronovias styles can be found here. The rest are all images from The Knot that are either discontinued or no longer have working links.

Are you ready to see the dress I won?

I loved what they chose. It wasn't what I had pictured, but it was beautiful... and about 2 sizes too big. I'm not sure if something was off when I sent in my measurements, or if they just selected what they had, but... it was literally falling off me.

Not only that, but a few months later after debating whether or not to have it altered or keep looking, I realized... I was missing out on the fun of trying on wedding gowns. I really wanted that, it was something I had planned on for such a long time. Dress shopping with my mom

So I decided to at least look at other dresses. If not to find something new and that fit better, then at least for the experience. And so, that's what I did... consequently, finding a new dress and one that was meant for me... the perfect gown!

To be continued in next week's Wedding Wednesday post... The Dress, Part II!

P.S. I'm actually selling the above dress online at the moment, if anyone is interested. Brand new, never altered or worn. Email me for details. :-)

P.P.S. Military Brides— check out the Brides Across America website. Win yourself a dress!


  1. What a gorgeous dress! That's awesome that you won it...weird that they sent you one that didn't even fit though! Can't wait to see the dress you chose! :)

  2. Man, I wish I would have known about this program when we got married. But I know what you mean about wanting the experience.

  3. Omg, that's a crazy story, I mean in a good way :) I can't wait for the part II :)) I'm going to dress shopping soon, so excited :)

  4. That's a really pretty dress! I wonder why they sent it to you too big? I can't wait to see YOUR dress!

  5. The kids came out after the reception and they were happy as can be. Kids adored the toys, tvs, games and their little pizza party They all said that was their favorite part of the wedding.


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